Friday, November 1, 2013

Biz Plan

*VISION*-->Creative idea, unique opportunity, sustainable business long-term.  "What makes you different?!?!" positioning, value proposition.

*PLAN*-->Biz Plan, organizing all the DETAILS (finances/expenditures, resources needed, projections, SWOT analysis- which is "strengths/weaknesses/opps/threats", marketing, etc. etc. ETC.).

*ACTION*-->Blood/Sweat/Tears time!  Time to execute the plan and put in the hrs to see it through.  And ultimately, "Action>Words".

From when I was very young kid (even before high school I think) to now as an adult, I've always believed in these 3 things being super important to making something for yourself (this is completely from my own philosophy, not from any self-help book lol).  Each of them are equally vital to achieving the end goal.  Fail in any of the categories and the venture will likely fail.  Some people are just not risk-takers or creative people to begin with (follower types, passive, risk-averse), so lack general Vision, which takes away chance to do anything at all.  These types of people really limit themselves to what they can achieve-- forced to work for others and be part of the bottom 90% of the world/majority; happy with being "average" or "middle class" (not to knock on these types, but they're just more easily satisfied being ordinary).  I'd say Vision is a strength of mine (though one can always improve in this category by experiencing more, seeing more of the world, opening one's mind).  Some are good at Vision/Action, however, just aren't great at DETAILS and writing things out.  I tend to fall into this category sometimes, as I admit I sometimes don't cover all bases (definitely planning would be my personal weakness, but I'm improving haha like I said, just WRITE IT ALL OUT!).  Some are great at Vision/Planning, but ultimately fail because they aren't working hard enough to follow through on their Vision/Plan and succumb to the bigger pressures (lack mental toughness or go-getter/drive).  U have to prepare to work your ass off for anything worth achieving.  "Nothing good comes easy." = so true!  I'll never have a prob with Action (as I have always worked my ass off), however, executing without making any mistakes is another aspect.

Putting together my first real BIZ PLAN right now-- covering detail for detail.  Have always thought of many biz ideas I wanted to pursue in the past, but more on a broad note (nothing I wanted to really take further, till now).  This is a f&b idea, that I would want to launch first in Taipei; then if successful can branch out some more in TW, and possibly back in CA-USA.

It's something pretty unique and is currently NOT in TW.  I have to do a shit-ton of research and make some trips to uncover more findings.  If I can really get this going, it's a big-time idea that can make LOTS!!

Business / Stocks / Real Estate / Poker (for fun)!!
Time to really build that empire. :)

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