Monday, October 28, 2013

Transition: Poker "for fun", not "for a living"

Haven't played much poker since the WSOP Main Ev in July (still remember the bitter&painful KK < AK all-in pre-f for 100+ bbs on day 2 blah! haha flop nothing, turn ACE-ball... sigh fml 沒辦法!). Busting the WSOP Main Ev still is one of those worst feelings in poker btw haha nothing like it, maddening. :TTT Pretty much quitting full-time poker in the short-term because: 1)determined to do other things with my life, 2)not that liquid at the moment (got all my money in real estate, $200k+ usd in equity, but don't want to sell it cuz getting pretty decent $14k usd/yr in rental income there). Also, not that liquid because having the worst year of my poker career. Down approx $70k on the yr, but that's not really that bad considering $50k of it is LIVE poker (failures at pca, aussie mill, ept london, wsop, etc.- so three $10k's and a bunch of big side events, all adds up big, and travel expenses of course). And because I don't believe in selling action (personal philosophy/preference) or playing on stakes (have always played on my own money 100%), it puts extra strain/pressure on my bankroll when I am swinging away at $10k's and bricking hahaha might seem nuts, but I think making money for other people is nuts! GO BIG or go home imo! Down small online, which doesn't help because usually can still bank on that to buffer the roll (just ran bad EVERYTHING for half a year stretch, shit happens though- LIFE!). No regrets, blessing in disguise, now just time to *focus* on smarter ways of life and making money.

Been spending my free time "soul-searching", thinking/brain-storming of business ideas I want to do, and lots of misc reading (about online businesses, investing, etc.). Lucky there is a Eslite book store (3 floors of new books) and HK Central Library within 5 min of where we live. Also, the saying goes: "the world is your oyster" (or today's internet is the oyster). Just thinking about how much more time each of us spends online; how much more we're buying/spending. This is all within the last 10-20 years, which is still a more recent phenomenon than not. Still lots of opportunities/MONEY to be made via internet; just have to tap into our CREATIVE energies and think of useful things to sell (or import/export), or even blog/write about.

I want to come back to poker later as a "Business Man" (Boss!) haha with unlimited roll and playing mostly big (high rollers, $10k's, etc.); and all "for fun". Poker for a living is truly truly "LIMITED" (remember that young poker guys!). How many millionaires from poker? How many millionaires from business? Don't have to be the smartest person to make lots of money via business... just comes down to Vision/Plan/Action (all 3 being just as important as the others; fail at any one of these and it all goes to shit!). Working hard on that Vision/Plan part now... don't see "Action" ever ever being a problem with me (I'll always work my ass off!). :)

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