Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Poker can seriously be so frustrating/humbling. 1) Frustrated I'm running bad so far this yr (but it's normal ebb and flow, up/down). 2) Humble enough to know/admit I have a ton of room for improvement.

Really envious of those players that consistently just OWN it (esp on the live felt). Example: playing with Ole Schemion (wizowizo on stars) at EPT London couple different days was extremely frustrating/humbling. Guy is just crazy good/active and such a thorn; probably one of my least favorite experiences playing poker with someone. You have to go one extra last step almost always with this guy... beat him on the river. He just won't give up; tough as nails. Can see why he's won so much in the last half yr live. Really quite a learning experience for me.

Inner conflict atm haha 200k vpp... keep going or just chill the eff out. Not really happy tbh. I think as long as I am playing poker "for a living" I won't be happy though (though I love the game). I'd rather be like a Dan Shak; play all the big ones for fun.

Have some ideas I want to pursue; just need to do more research/planning. Poker is so limited in how much you can make. Yes, best way to get initial bankroll of say $50k-500k+ usd; beats any J-O-B. But to become a multi-millionaire or even million+, that's pretty damn hard in the game. I reckon there's not many that have $2 mill usd+ in their hands; not many at all. And in the game of business, using business brains/smarts/creativity, possibilities are boundless and $2 mill+ ain't shit. Sooo there u go... me keeping it real. Why grind so hard and be up all friggin night from early AM to noon+ everyday and not be happy and not get PAID HUGE for being smart/creative/gutsy. Fck man... I want more haha *sigh!*...

Still def consider myself one of the lucky ones in the game; seriously blessed with what I have been able to make/save. However, as highlighted above, I'm close to figuring things out for myself on a higher level... maximize my life talents... poker isn't everything. Even if I go on a upswing, I have to remember this I think for my own good.

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