Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Haven't written in here in forever...
Been keeping to myself more of late (If u know me, some ppl think I am extroverted, but I am def more of a introvert, even recluse haha but I'm easy to get along with, so ppl think I am on the extroverted side). Writing this blog more for myself anyhoo. No need to promote/market myself publicly.

I am who I am. 32, trying to "make it" in poker, close to getting married this summer + start own family, thinking about alternative ways to smooth out my life (which is too often uppppp/dowwwwwn, and not conducive for a smooth family life). Alternative ways = owning investment properties and flipping them; currently a Landlord now haha hopefully get more things going. Poker is everything right now in my daily life, but I really don't want it to be (in 2-3 yrs time, rather just play for fun) haha it's important I make it everything right now in order to SURVIVE. Only the hard-working, smart-thinking, constantly-improving SURVIVE the game. Zero-sum game: in order for me to win, someone has to lose. Less than 5% really make it. I've done it so far in these yrs, and want to really "MAKE IT" now, nail one for a million plz! :)

Nothing positive to report. Having a not-so-good year so far playing LIVE tournaments (PCA, Aussie Mill, and EPT London just busted yest). At least I won some online satellites and got in cheap (and will continue that strategy moving fwd). As I've significantly improved my game online, which takes more aggression (more 3-bets/4-bets in and oop), the more I've struggled to balance that in the LIVE game. Maybe I'm just being too hard on myself, because it is a small sample size and that's just normal variance for ya. Regardless, it's extremely humbling and frustrating to say the least.

I know I'm good enough to play on the circuit; just need more experience. I need to get in more of a comfort zone on the live felt and gain some confidence. Combination of running bad and playing sub-par (for my own standards at least). However, I am still optimistic there are bigger/better days ahead. Just a matter of persistence, just have to keep trying, chase the dream. :)

Online, going for SNE this yr. At 182k vpp at the moment. Last yr did about 550k vpp (with just mtts and steps). So just trying to fill in the other 450k vpp with 6max hyper turbos and focus on satellites to EPT events. Still learning the hyper turbo game. That too, can be extremely frustrating. Swings are crazy, it's hot or cold lol and mostly regs. Just gonna keep at it, see where it takes me.

Poker is only getting harder. I see it at events such as this EPT London. So many legends/regs and more and more competent players. Even the worst players have gotten better; only matter of time. Certainly there are still some real bad players, who completely lack any common sense. "Common sense is not so common" is my own lingo/phrase hahahaa for some at least. Some people will always suck. But the avg certainly is way better than yr s before.

Example of lack of common sense, hand from EPT London Day 1 between two ppl (one reg, one fish). Fish opens utg to 400 at 75/150... utg+3 pro makes it 1000, utg calls. Flop KQ3, utg fish leads for 1500, pro calls. Turn is brick 8, fish leads for 3500, pro calls. Riv K (so K/Q/3/8/K), fish checks, pro checks. Fish has A2 suited, pro has AA. This is just stupid by the Fish. lol why would u play your hand like this?!?! Just fold pre-flop for one. When you open utg (pre-ante), and someone 3bets you, usually it's strong. You're already showing strength, and guy shows even MORE strength by re-raising you (he's in early position too, both are). If you really had KK/QQ/AK, you would not lead for 1500 and 3500, you would likely check to the raiser and let him bet. Why try to scare the raiser off with a bet, if you really had KK/QQ?!?! (no need to really protect lead, you have monster) AK is afraid of KK/QQ, so leading out would be dumb from that aspect too. Fish just thinks nonsensical, I need to bet and try to win, not thinking about the dynamics of the hand and the pro's range. The pro's hand is super face up, could read his face when he called flop and turn. Certainly he could only call because it was still possibility KK/QQ. River was bad for pro obv, so he had to showdown w/o betting. Anycase, this hand really stood out to me and made me laugh hahahaa "Common sense is not so common." Wish the whole world was this bad at poker. Def not as many fishy players these days like this lol :D

***And wow, just noticed I had 3,606 page views last month on this blog hahahaa and I haven't written in here since Nov of last yr. Will try and do a better job of updating and have more interesting posts. I do have a lot of things I want to share about myself, daily life, poker goals, non-poker goals, and my passions.

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