Friday, November 2, 2012

Pocketfives Top 100! haha feels awesome to be in the top 100 for first time. Feel like I have in fact improved a lot this past yr... understand way more things, trying more aggressive stances/lines of action, playing a higher volume of mtts, and "get it". Still far from perfect.

The man at the top "Cal42688" Calvin Anderson is someone I highly admire as a poker player... hope I can come close to being as good as him one day. haha he's coming to Macau this wk for ACOP, so I hope I can pick his brain. And I hope he doesn't knock me out of the tournament, like he did at EPT Campione (we had dinner together; 1 hr later he knocks me out hahahaaa). Him and Spacegravy are probably the only two people I'll stalk online to learn from (Calvin being the MTT beast/Spacegravy sngs).

ACOP Warmup today, Main Event next wk. Came close couple times this wk in side events with a 11th and a 17th. Played near flawless those two tourneys; just how it goes sometimes. U gotta run so good to win it haha plan to win one plz. :)

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