Friday, October 5, 2012

Poker CLASS details

I will start teaching some classes part-time, when I am back in Taipei (will be in Taichung sometimes too). I plan to go back Oct 19-24 approx this month.

COST: 6000 NT for a session (Cash or PS funds $200)

DURATION: 3-5 hrs+, however long you want to stay. I usually start playing around midnight 12am (play till noon; you're welcome to stay as long as you want). You can join me in the morning at 9am as well if you are not used to the late night schedule.

LOCATION: 24 hr internet cafe (to be determined, flexible)

CONTENT: Really depends on your skill level. I have to understand you as a player; whether you or beginner or intermediate. By shadowing my poker tables, you will have a much more advanced understanding of how a pro player thinks. It's just about understanding every type situation/"spots" and players. One must learn how to play technically sound, then work on fine-tuning instincts and building an edge over the regular players.

GAME SELECTION: I mostly play MTTs, but I can teach you SNGS (6max, 9max, 18man, 180man, steps) and hyper turbos, and some cash. I'm an all around NLHE player.

I don't sell myself as one of the best players in the world. I'm really humble about the fact there are tons and tons of players I'm striving to catch up to. Though I've improved A TON these last 1-2 yrs and have had some success, I'm just like you--> trying to learn and get better; "student of the game". With my help, one thing is for sure: I can help you filter out some of the mistakes/leaks I was making (which took me 10,000+ hrs of time and yrs to learn/fight through). I can inspire you to adopt some of the things I do and you can challenge yourself to play with your own style with a more rounded viewpoint.

I don't care to have 4132748923 students (will be teaching 1-2 people per session). I'd rather have less students and focus my time on each individual. 6000 NT might seem a lot to some. I just hope you find improvement in your game at the end of it and believe I have provided VALUE to you. I DO NOT WANT TO RIP YOU OFF OR CHEAT YOU OUT OF MONEY. I SINCERELY WANT TO SEE YOU IMPROVE AS A POKER PLAYER AND WILL SINK ALL MY ENERGY INTO YOU... THAT I CAN PROMISE YOU.

If you are interested, below is my contact information:
or Facebook find me

Shoot me email first though, give me idea of your skill level/background, and what your schedule looks like. We can communicate easiest that way.

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