Saturday, September 8, 2012

Online Upswing

Been doing really well online the last 2 mos. Up profit near $140k since I came back from Vegas (mainly $80k Sun Mill, $35k big $162, few other 5 figure ones). Reason for the success: just working my ass off really; completely FOCUSED. Playing 50 Mtts a day (which is stressful, cuz I'm usually buying in for $2k-4k a day, which takes a lot just to break even+). I have to FT just to break even; and FT two or one big one to be profit on a day. LOL Getting hang of it though; improved my game a ton obv.

Last yr was a waste of a yr for me online. I played 89382039803 hrs and broke even WITH SNE lol basically got $110k worth of bonus and lost $110k about (cuz sngs got in the way of my mtt play, and I just couldn't juggle the two). My graph is ugly from last yr; seems like I lost $110k last yr (but again, I got $110k in rb, so was not that bad). With RB and everything in total, up $300k+ lifetime on Pokerstars. Just frustrating last yr... but def happy I'm on the right path in regards to my schedule and maximizing my skill sets as a poker player.

Last 120 days on "42 of 934,847"
Year 2012: "134 of 1,474,344"

There's a possibility I might be teaching some one-on-one classes in Taipei soon (will mostly be at internet cafes). I don't want to have too many students, just a handful. More details to come (how much it'll cost, when, what I'll teach, etc). Pretty confident I can teach you everything I know in a efficient/calculating manner. Poker is not rocket science. It's just using good common sense and LOGIC. 有興趣的話在通知我。:)

還有WCOOP 加油! 這個月還有很多大比賽。 希望贏一個$100k+美元的成績。

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