Sunday, May 6, 2012

Update + I think I finally "GET IT!"

Haven't written in here forever... been pretty busy on the road, traveling through Europe, and now grinding online (SCOOP is here!).

My recent trip covered: EPT Campione, Irish Open, WPT Vienna, EPT Berlin. ***1st time to Ireland, Austria, and Germany (so pretty damn cool!)

After having a huge success going to Cali/Vegas in Feb (Venetian Deep Stack Main Event and WPT LAPC, +$40k usd!), I was pretty damn confident in my live game and decided to trek out to Europe for one month-long journey. However, just endured by far my most miserable poker trip to date- 0/8, MINUS-$30k usd about, with couple bubbles/near finishes.
Most notable crapout being Irish Open with 70something ppl left (54 ITM). Aggro kid moves to our table, opens 3rd straight pot, min raises from middle pos to 4800 at 1200/2400, I look down at AhKh (have about 70k) and pop to 11k on button (obv looks suspect, cuz i have pos haha knew from the moment i saw my hand, he was gonna pop me). He clicks it back all-in, I SNAP CALL, he has 4s6s. Comes 6/2/6/A/3 rainbow, 150k pot, avg was like 115k about. With those chips, I punish the bubble pretty good and get deeper in the mix. Min cash was $10k usd haha so sux to be losing end of that one. Also, in a 1k side event, where 16 ITM and i lose a pure flip to die 18th BLAH! hahahaaa sometimes things just don't go your way.

Despite the rough rough days of live poker, I've recently turned a new leaf with online play and have found some success there. Learning a ton talking to my good friend David Quang. It's not that he coaches me directly, but rather he tells me a lot of useful tidbits about approaching the game, such as 3bet/4bet ideas (blockers, etc.) and how to play a better late position game. I'd have to say since last year, sometime before WSOP, talking to him has probably helped my game the most. I reckon all great players do this, talk to others, break things down and synthesize what works, what doesn't-- and just THINK about all the aspects of the game.

I'm doing stuff I NEVER DID BEFORE. TBH, if I 4bet before, I usually had the hand 100%. Now I'm doing cold 4bets with A9o LOL just cuz I have an ace blocker and me+opponent are both late position and it's just a leveling game. I did my FIRST EVER COLD 5BET SHOVE the other day, same scenario, I just had AJo and guy snap folded hahahaaa felt pretty awesome tbh! You have to get out of your comfort zone to be great at anything. For the last few years now, I was playing a tight-patient-ABC game. Now I am 10x more dynamic and capable of a whole lot more. I GET IT NOW and it feels great to understand that level. Now it's just about refining it and continuing to improve, while still utilizing my strengths (which is mostly patience).

Finished with a few FTs this wk, with a couple of 1st place wins and 2nd place in a $100r ($14k prize) last wk. Feels good to do well, esp vs. good players like the $100r guys. I love the challenge of the $100r; play with all the beasts. For the next couple wks, all I am thinking about is SCOOP SCOOP and SCOOP! Gotta win few more step 6 tix (get in cheap) and hopefully do well in all the $2ks. Busted both of the $2ks today unfortunately, but played pretty optimal the entire day. QQ < KTo for 21k at 200/400+ante in $2100 (6max). lol and AK < KQ, KXX flop, turn x (got most of the money in by turn), riv Q in the other $2100 today. Is what it is... no big deal!

Feel confident if I keep doing what I'm doing, I'll be up there within the top 100 online tourney players (
As of now, I am ranked #508 of 1,118,930 for 2012 on stars.
Pretty good of late... esp since I didn't play much online in Feb/Mar.
And way better since I stopped doing SNE stuff (which hurt my results last yr significantly).
Goal TOP 100, though will be after WSOP (since can't play online in Vegas/US).

Let's go SCOOP something plz. :)

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