Thursday, December 22, 2011


Feel huge sense of relief to be done with SUPERNOVA ELITE! Worse thing one can do is invest a ton of time, get real close, and not get there (back-end is where the equity is at). I learned that painful lesson last yr when I got to 650k vpp last yr (trying to chase it mid-way through the yr), and just couldn't handle the swings then (playing $200 and $430 hyper turbos with Jorj LOL).

Also, pretty happy to end on a winning note. Last day of grinding, won a good $4k, within a span of 100 games, playing $60s and $100s. Improving my sng game overall. First time I spent entire month playing entirely 9man/18man sngs. Particularly like the 18mans because they're structured like a tournament (and more soft dead money within 18 seats, more recreational players).

Made some comments on fb recently that I want to do other things altogether and play poker FOR FUN, and NOT "for a living". I still feel this way. I feel like I can play poker 3-4 days a wk (which is my idea of "for fun") and do pretty well; and LIVE tournaments whenever I can. I'm hungry for the next phase in my life; something different altogether. Maybe looking at joining trading firms here in HK? But ideally my own business idea (most likely focus: targeting China's new millionaire class); feel like that's why I moved to Asia originally. Always wanted to do my own thing and do it BIG. I want to be a multi-millionaire, sometime in this decade! Yes, you can do that through poker, but there's only so many Elkys, Phil Iveys, etc. etc. I'm pretty realistic about the prospects of poker.

There's so many poker players in this world that play for YEARS and HAVE NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT, but grind (wear and tear) and LOST YEARS/TIME. They're broke and just trying to stay afloat. It's pretty commonplace in this poker world. I'm one of the fortunate ones that grinded to pt where I got my big score (not everyone is lucky enough; feel blessed I got mine). And so I'm pretty content with my money saved and don't want to blow it.

For me, with future live events (esp $10k+ usd buy-ins), I'm going to qualify for these buy-ins (get in cheap). Though WSOP Main Event, I'll always be willing to direct buy-in, cause it's just a MUST-PLAY (too much value and the structure is ridiculously good). Other $10k+, I just don't want to fork up that kind of money directly, because it's so ez to bust a tournament. I think of it as: say I have $4000 in my online account and I'm playing $100 buy-ins (40 buy-ins), so ez to go broke and be at zero (because of tournament variance). Same goes for $400,000, playing $10k's (same 40 buy-ins). So consequently because of that, I am choosing to be more prudent moving forward. I could just direct buy-in to PCA and Aussie Millions, but I don't want to. I'll only go to those places if I satellite in (which I didn't this time around grrr!). Just my way of being more responsible in the future. Like I said before: CONCENTRATE TO BUILD WEALTH, DIVERSIFY TO MAINTAIN WEALTH. When you have no money, f*ck it, take all the risks you need to, be willing to go broke. When you hit a certain pt, you have to scale back and see bigger picture. I'm not going to lose my hard-earned WSOP money, that's for sure.

Gonna go for SNE again in 2012. I pretty much did SNE this yr in 9 mos (3 mos didn't play anything because couldn't play in USA/VEGAS). This next time around, I will organize my time more wisely, work smarter. My graph looks like SHIT this yr because I had an awful time this yr with SUNDAY MTTs. I had at least 30 Sundays where I lost $2000-3000, was bad (but pretty normal). I had only one $18k score on a Sunday this yr; versus last yr I had a $42k (took down sun 2nd chance), mulitple $20k+ wins. But that's just variance of playing fields of 2000+ people. A lot of min-cashing and bricking, which is recipe for disaster, and caused my pre-rakeback struggles online this yr. But I'll get my Sunday mojo back, I know I will. :)

Continue to look for something else immediately... strive for: Poker for fun (secondary income), something else "for a living" (primary, something bigger and better). What is it? Gotta challenge myself everyday till I find that answer. :)

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