Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Had awful/miserable day, like getting punched in the face few times over. Not really happy with online poker atm. Last yr, I profited roughly 100k online (before rb). This yr, I've played over 30,000 sngs and 1000's of mtts, with MANY HRS invested, and I'll be pretty much break even online blah. Probably has a lot to do with the late night hrs (such a grinddd) and law of diminishing returns (less is def more in some cases, more focused/attentive/sharp).

Can't wait till this is all over... put it past me. Optimistic about the next yr (with the "black belt/stars"). Hopefully get my sh!t in order and at least profit $130k+ next yr online. Feel better about 9man/18mans, getting hang of them. Way more fun than fifty50. 18man feels like playing a tournament. Feels awesome winning 1st place/18 ppl. Feels awesome winning 1st in anything really. :)

When I get Supernova Elite, I'm not going to post it anywhere but here (quietly, to anyone who reads my blog). No fb, nothing else public, really not necessary. It's my own BLOOD/SWEAT/TEARS, sacrifice of everything really (lonely profession, shit really sux 80-90% of the time, headaches/heartaches/FML moments non-stop, literally want to jab my finger through my eyeballs 5-10x a day when stupid crap happens). Won't allow anyone else or group to exploit my efforts that to their benefit (I'm self-employed and independent of everything). For the record, I'm not doing this to promote poker or Pokerstars, but was for my own betterment obv and further my career as a Professional Poker Player (my own self interests). I poured my heart out this yr online, without really reaping rewards yet (but the rewards will come later).


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