Tuesday, November 15, 2011

SNE update/changes

You have 860000 VPP's with a goal of earning a total of 1000000 VPP's by the end of this year.

You must earn 140000 VPP's in 47 days (including today, November 15th, 2011).
This averages out to 2979 VPP's per day.

Sighhh... doing whatever is necessary to get there. Experimented playing micro $100 plo (.50-1), 10-12 tabling for a month haha didn't go so well. Was down 10k (6k+ of it just RAKE). I feel like I can play PLO, just playing so many tables is difficult for me; and I'm not ready to play bigger stakes obv. Also, those micro grinders are actually tougher than you would think- they're such nitballs, not much edge. These guys are rb kings as well and grind grind GRIND away, short-stacking $30-50 at a time. Putting PLO off to the side for now. Will have to watch the bluefirepoker videos I subscribed to (galfond!!!), and play after I really "GET IT".

Fifty50's, I think these games are dumb. I resumed playing them cause I didn't know what else to do. But after looking at my bloody sng graph of late, throwing this shit out the window too. Problem with fifty50's are that at the $100+ level, it's the same 10 dudes. I can name them: "horvyjoe", "cjzm", "jason kobe", "sodamnlucky", etc. etc. hate them all. With SHOWDOWN happening constantly in this game, makes it hard to beat, with the INCENTIVE for ppl to CALL you down. You don't get away with light jams as often as regular sngs.

Hopefully this is my new niche for vpp pts...
Going to start grinding 9 and 18 man sngs, and 6max at off-peak hrs (basically afternoon-midnight in asia). 6max too tough during peak hrs. When 3-4 seats are filled with regs (players who play for a living), may as well just flip some coins. I enjoy these regular sngs much more because it's REAL POKER (fifty50's are just dumb, can't say that enough).

Been an awful yr online. Feel like because I play everyday, I'm losing so much value/balance in my life. I don't play as well as I can. And also by playing so many tables, I'm not paying as much attention to detail on each table (robot mode). SNE is probably not meant for someone like me. I'm far better suited to playing 3-5 days a wk, tournaments mostly and occasional other stuff. Sometimes what they say is true: LESS IS MORE!

I'm playing so bad online I don't even want to play online anymore LOL rather do some other things. Ideally, I can find a venture of some kind (own business, trading, etc. anything), where I can still get away to Vegas for 2 mos for WSOP and travel live tournaments when possible. Playing EVERYDAY online is just too tough/brutal and not worthwhile. Games are getting tough. I'm humble enough to admit I'm just one of many at this time who are good at this game, and there's plenty more who are way better than me.

Figure things out after the end of this yr, and after I get SNE done. Gotta stay positive and strong. Good things will come, I know they will.

Also, APPT!!! Plan to play pretty much everything on the schedule (though most likely no high rollers, cuz not enough ppl usually). Plenty of fat guarantees though, alongside fat main event. Hopefully do well, payouts will be juicy. I'm SUPER DUE IN MACAU. Last two main events there have been quite dumb. AK < AJ for 70+ bbs, and AK < KJ for 50+ bbs... grand lisboa go to hell hahaha cursed there, I swear. Can't keep a dog down forever, "every dog has it's day" hahaha very dueee!!! Can't wait!!! :)

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