Saturday, November 26, 2011

APPT write-up

(DAY 1)
Got off to a great start. Had a decent starting table, not too challenging, though had two of the better players to my left: Sangeeth (champion of APT Goa recently, who plays great), and a mid-stakes PLO player (local HK guy, very solid/capable). Early on, my goal was to play a lot of pots, particularly with speculative hands (suited connector/gappers, etc). I wanted to really mix it up this time around, more so than usual.

Early on, Korean guy to my right had been pretty active, showed hands like KTo, so I decided to pick on him. He opened pot in front from hi-jack to 250, I 3-bet him to 750 with Jh7h, he calls. Flop J/T/3 rainbow (one heart). He checks, I decide to check, because I have great showdown value with my top pair, and I don't want to get raised off the hand (and also to deceive him, as he would not put me on the J, if I check). Turn Qh (so now I have flush draw, though Q is overcard). He checks, so I put him on nothing now and here decide to bet 1100. Because I 3-bet this pre-flop, he easily can put me on AK, AQ, and also if I nailed flush on river, I'd get paid as well. He folds, nice pot with air, in position, and sets up for later.

30 min later, same guy and similar positions (I'm on button, he's hi-jack), Korean opens for 600 at 100/200. I pop him to 1500 with KK, and obv he thinks I'm messing with him cause he's shown down crap and been fairly active. He 4-bets to 3000, I respond by 5-betting to 8000 total (which is HUGE at this pt, that's near 30% of my stack). To put it out there, I've never put out a 5-bet bluff hahaha never, just not really my style, a little bit crazy. He doesn't know that though, and he 6-bet rejams the starting stack 30k all-in, I call obv. He shows AQ vs. my KK (so 70/30). Flop T/J/2... turn 8 for the further sweat, river 4. So I accomplished exactly what I wanted. Misdirected the guy to think I'm full of crap there and got paid HUGE. That was something I really wanted to implement in my game, balancing my 3-bets more with those crappish hands, keep ppl guessing (like that guy Ben Lamb haha). One thing to note, because he was young Korean guy, calling a 6-bet jam is a little easier with non-AA. They're known to be more aggro, learned from Elky and all the people that followed suit. If it was against some old 60 yr guy, who looks super straightfwd, I'd hate my life and probably not even 5-bet, just call the 4-bet and play the pot in position, and pot control. So pt is: know your opponent.

Anycase, 60k chips early, then all downhill from there. Got moved tables shortly after and played with Randy Lew (Nananoko) for 4-5 hrs. That was a good experience. Obv a big fan of his game. Doesn't matter if he plays cash primarily, someone of his talent will be good at all forms of poker (poker is poker at the end of the day), so wasn't surprised he plays tournaments very well (and I've actually played online with him in Sunday MTTs). Was pretty card dead at that table. Had QQ once from the sb and made a sqeeze, won that one. Aside from that, was just break even at that table. Upset they broke the table though, cause there was a huge fish there, that was dumping chips so easily and in 2/3 the pots. And my image was super good, so was ready to loosen up and do some shits, but never got the chance.

Changed tables and immediately shit went downhill. Opened QcJc from hi-jack, Chinese guy behind 3-bets 4500 of his 25k total haha sighhh, if it was internet kid, I could rejam-his-face cause internet kid capable of 3-betting me light there. However, vs. older Chinese guy in his mid 30's, mehhh he's not bluffing I don't think. Seems pretty straightfwd fold. Then changed tables a 4th time in the day (annoying). This last table, I bleeded away 20k more chips. I opened 2400 at 500/1000 with AsQs, Singaporean guy on bb flats (pretty familiar with his game, played with him a ton, he's loose). Flop K/T/8 two clubs. I c-bet 3200 (standard), he flats. Forgot what turn and river brought (not paint though and didn't really feel like another barrel will get him to fold), anycase river he leads out for 1k LOL into fairly big pot and I actually folded. Feel like he's never calling my c-bet on flop without a piece, no pt to waste 1k and call his blocker bet with a hand that I'm clearly losing. His blocker bet is a small/medium pair on that board. If he had QJ high or AQ as well, he'd just check and not waste the 1k, cause it's so easy for me to call 1k (with a pot of 11k out there LOL). 99% sure he had K or a T, oh well- got the info I needed on the flop. He says he had AQ high beat, believe him.

15 min, against same dude. He opens for 2500 and I look at KQo. I have about 40k at this pt and decide to 3-bet him to 5700, in position, he calls. He opens fairly wide, so he's a good person to pick on in position. Flop A/Q/T, rainbow. Really good flop for me to c-bet and rep some kind of Ace (AK, etc.). I c-bet to 7000, he flats, argh. I shut down after, turn brick check check, river brick check check, both low cards. I had showdown value with my Q and hoped it was good (maybe he has JJ? or QJ?). Nope, mofo has AK haha surprised tbh, cause he flatted my 3-bet, OUT OF POSITION. Not really a fan of his play, I would 4-bet it, but whatever, to each their own. He got 7k more off of me by not 4-betting. Some may argue they don't like 3-betting with KQo, better 3-betting hands like suited connector and AK/big pairs. Was just in the mood to dabble in pos and it backfired. :T

And that's how I went from 60k down to 30k, was quite annoyed with myself.

(DAY 2)
I start day at 29k at 600/1200.
Early on, 3rd orbit, Percy raises UTG to 2500. I have JJ and 3-bet to 6500 (leaving myself 23k behind). Chinese guy in his 20's in the sb pops to 15k (of his 40k), hmmm... most times this is pretty strong of him. Reason: UTG is showing strength cause of early position open, I am showing even more strength to 3-bet UTG, and now he's saying he's stronger than both of us. THEN, 4th party on big blind rejams ALL-IN 50k or so ahhhhh. Let me tell you, big blind has AA/KK/QQ/AK. If he has anything else, he's either stupid or a complete motherfukin' maniac. I am flipping with 1/4 options and 20% vs. the other 3 options. Not to mention, I am still worried about sb guy having similar range. So sick having to fold JJ when I start the hand with 25 bbs. But "tounament life", you gotta fold when you're mostly beat, so I muck. SB folds too, hmmm. He says he has TT, I say he's stupid. TT is foldable from the sb vs. my 3-bet there vs. UTG. He has little invested and plenty deep to get away imo. Anycase, sometimes when you play in Macau, the Asian players are not as experienced at times and don't use the right logic, like this example. They overplay their hand, not understanding the circumstance and what they're facing. I am 3-betting UTG with JJ+ and AK. I'd probably just flat TT and down, and even AQ. So his TT means shit then if he knew my range there.

Anycase, drop down to 23k, fought back to 30k, then next level 800/1600 (folded 2 orbits cuz got shit, super card dead). Daniel Chua to my right had been super active, playing 3-4 hands an orbit, all over the place. He opens c/o to 3500. I am on button with 21k and look down at Ad2d, which is really marginal rejam hand. I got 2 people behind me. I decide to CRAM it ALL-IN, cuz I think he's opening all those hands like QJ, TJ, KT, KQ 9T suited, etc. etc... just have to be worried about AX and 3 more aces in the deck, +he's late pos, mostly stealing. I'm not in love with Ad2d, but gotta play the player, pretty marginal for me hahaha and FML, he's holding AcJc and holds KK4Q8 runs out, almost a chop booooo.

Pretty awful wk of live poker for me. I ran 5 tournaments and went 0/5 (-$7000 usd gay), including busting 5 people off ITM in 1500 hkd deep stack. Stupid KK < J8o, all-in on flop of 8/7/2 (15k pot at 100/200 LOL fml), river J, to die in 5000 hkd KO bounty event. Busted with 30something players left in 10k hkd event, 150 players, top 16 ITM, blah, lost 35 bb pot KJ < A7, otherwise would've had a shot.

That's poker life for ya. Sometimes you just don't run too well, and things don't happen your way. The important thing is to keep your head up and keep a positive attitude through all of it. In the short-run, luck plays a huge part in tournament results. In the long-run, skills will come out and rule the day (variance happens). Can't say I'm super happy atm, won't lie about that haha depressing in fact, because I thought I would do really well this wk. I usually do really well in deep stack structures. And with APPT Macau Main Event being 30k starting chips, it was my event haha usually good at using my chips, to win more chips. But shits hard when you don't nail flops and hands don't materialize the way you want/need, or you don't get good spots to make moves, and you don't nail those sets (think I was 0/9 in that dept lol no sets for ynd! boo).

I just want more experience when it comes to deep stack tournaments, and do more big-ball jabbing. So many spots where it comes raiser in front (player "A"), 1 or 2 ppl just CALL (player "B" and "C"). You know Player "A" could have real hand, but player "B" and "C" most times don't have that big of a hand, esp Player "C". If Player "C" had AA/KK/QQ for instance, most times this player would re-raise themselves and make the squeeze, but by just flat-calling, it is weakness 100%. It is most times a hand like a small/medium pocket pair or a hand like TJ suited, AJ, some Ax suited, KQ, etc. If I'm the guy behind and see this raise + flat + flat in front, I can pick-up huge pots by raising HUGE and taking it down ONE PUNCH. I wanna do more of this, when I pickup tells. These are standard "dead money" pots. Player A/B/C all fold, if I raise big. Player "A" is worried about "B" and "C", sandwiched in between. And I'm just most times not too worried about "B" and "C". With a good solid image, you can do a lot of this big-ball squeezing. It also sets up good for later, when you really do pick-up a big hand and ppl then think you're full of it. haha :)

Life goes on........

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