Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Struggling with sngs. It's tough coin-flipping with the same 20-50 dudes, everyday at $60-100+ sng games. They know me, I know them, we are all decent! And showdowns = high variance, esp when you're running like CRAAAAAP like I am. You know you're running bad when you constantly run AK into AA/KK and you lose AA vs. KT (QJX, turn 9 HA) DEAD. And you can't win flips, 60/40s, 70/30s, etc. etc... everything gone wrong, opponents get there and get there.

Gonna try playing $.50-1 PLO (6max), 12+ tables for some time, see how that goes. I've been wanting to improve at the game and learn the basics. No better time than now, so I can prepare for the next yr. Mix in 2-5 tournaments a day, some step sngs, etc. That's my plan to get to SNE (current: 720k vpp).

I'm so bloody tired atm... hope this is all worth it by year end plz. :T

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  1. Hey kenny,

    congrats on the deep WSOP finish, very amazing work. I just sent you an email and would really like to hear from you.