Monday, September 19, 2011

Building an Empire from Scratch

I wasn't born rich, nor poor (just typical middle class family). My parents didn't spoil me (like you see many Taiwanese ABC kids with nice cars and everything paid for, nothing to worry about, ez life). Everything I've made is from my own hard work, determination, and many MANY sleepless nights (blood/sweat/tears). I am really proud of how I've got to where I am today (though I am still VERY FAR from where I want to be). It definitely has not been easy or a smooth sunny road. It's been often times gut wrenching and mind-numbingly painful (go to sleep with a angry scowl on my face LOL not kidding), seldomly joyful (but those times are unbelievable highs), and learning throughout (and still learning a ton).

My last entry stressed to be responsible and to apply bankroll management, which I believe is in fact more important than anything else (to know how to BEAT THE SYSTEM and use your money to make more money; and never look back). However, I did want to stress that this is after you actually have something to lose. When you have very little (say less than $50k usd saved), you should take more risks and go for broke to strike at riches (failed plenty before I succeeded at the WSOP).

Say if I'm a beginner poker player and there's example the Pokerstars Sunday Million ($215 buy-in); and I have $215 in my Pokerstars account-- I'm the type of person that won't think twice to enter because it's a chance to win $250k+ HUGE or a very nice cash (I've always been on the optimistic side; though if you play poker for long this attitude is tested haha). If you lose, who cares if you lose $215? It won't be life-changing or hurt you too badly (because in the grand scheme of life $215 is nothing). However, if you score big, you're that much closer to having a real bankroll to work with. Just like if you lose $10,000 at the WSOP (which I did two yrs ago in 2009, my first WSOP main event). It was awful to lose at the time, but I wouldn't be where I am if I didn't go through all of that (just keep pushing forward). It's simply about getting from Point A to Point B.

我記得在美國的投資金融界很多人都會說:Concentrate to build wealth, diversify to mantain wealth.
這句話的意思大概就是當你有錢的時候,應該要分散投資,去累積你的財富;但其實如果你什麼都沒有的時候,你就應該積極(aggressive)、有膽識(guts)去放手一搏。 (Phil Ivy 曾在ESPN的訪問中提劍過,在他剛開始打撲克的時候,他所有的資產只有5萬美金,所以他就把他所有的積蓄5萬美金拿去打一個當時有很多人比的現金賽,因為他對自己很有信心,覺得自己一定可以贏那場比賽。果然,他結束的時候是帶著超過100萬美金的獎金離開。ESPN interview) 至於我自己,如果我撲克之星的帳戶上只有100美金,但有一個星期天的錦標賽,有機會贏好幾萬元的話,我的想法是:只是100美金的錦標賽,輸了也不會讓生活更困難,但如果贏了有好幾萬的話,就是一個很大的獎勵。大多數的金錢管理專家們都會教導大家應該分散投資,不可以把全部的錢都放在同一個籃子,但我卻覺得,在你有財富,成為有錢人之前,應該要很積極、很有膽識。因為沒有太多的財富,所有少一點,也並不會成為太大的問題。反正錢沒有了,再努力去想辦法賺回來就好了。 Just go for it!


我覺得對撲克比賽而言,一定要態度好、積極、有膽試才會成功。在撲克界有一句很有名的話:In order to live, you must be willing to die。 所以,想要活下去,就要有讓自己置之死地,跌入谷底的心理準備。這就是打撲克的態度、積極度以及膽量的重要。

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