Friday, August 26, 2011


歐洲撲克巡迴錦標賽的主賽事獎金大約都有100萬美金以上。雖然入場門票都不是很便宜(5300 euro),


打比賽很重要,但打比賽前的態度(心理建設)以及金錢管理,我覺得更加重要。這趟歐洲行,很早就做好心理準備,不論結果的好壞,只要盡心、盡力的去比賽、去學習,才是最重要的(whatever happens HAPPENS!)。另外就是金錢管理,歐洲之行的每一分花費都是必須錙銖計較。


EPT Barcelona- pre-game thoughts:

I'm so happy to be here at EPT Barcelona. I've been wanting to come here for the last 3-4 years for poker, and finally my dream has come true. In past years, I've been super-painfully close to qualifying via satellite tournaments, but failed to get the package (examples: would be like top 3 got package, and I'd get 5th; or 4 yrs ago was top 10 in this satellite got it and I busted 15th KK vs. AQ pre-flop). Now after WSOP, I can freely play this tournament without too much strain on my bankroll, and feel like I really belong here (worth every bit of the 5300 euros at risk).

My plan is to play both EPT Barcelona and EPT London for sure (if I cash in 1 or the other, then WSOP Europe which is after). If I cash big at Barcelona, I will consider adding WPT Paris to the mix. If I bust both EPTs, then I will just go home and grind online (which would suck, but oh well). Holding myself to this personal budget plan.

The Chinese portion of this entry is provided by my GF Jessie (below). She knows what I have in my head; knows me best ("my backup" :)) haha just translated it out for me.

My mentality is simple. I consider my WSOP win as past already. I'm starting at "ZERO" again. IF I want to be one of the best players in the world, I have to stay hungry, ambitious, keep striving to learn and improve, and keep giving myself chances to win big tournaments. Bottomline, I need more experience/exposure and have to keep pushing forward. Thus, what I did back in July is great, but I want so much more (and I believe in myself).

Travel-wise, it's been awesome last few days, enjoying the BEAUTIFUL city of Barcelona. The architecture here is so classic and historic. For me and Jessie, this is both our first time here in Spain (and Europe in general). We're super appreciative of being able to have this life experience, and really enjoying every minute. Within this 4 wks+ trip, we will cover Spain, France, Italy, (maybe Switzerland), UK. It really will be one of those trips of a lifetime. :)

***Special thanks/shout-out to Xavi and Rodrigo for hosting us in Barcelona, really appreciate it as well.

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