Monday, July 18, 2011

WSOP 2011

I will write a long-ass post after all this is done hahaha right now, just wanted to express how happy, HUMBLED, and appreciative I am of this very moment. The other day, I was at dinner break and I think I wanted to actually CRY out of happiness. This is just due to all the "blood/sweat/tears" and sacrifice that has been involved in getting me to this pt. All the sleepless nights, playing 10-15 hrs of online poker from 1am-noon+, tired out of my mind, all the beats I take over and over, and all the times close to huge wins. PROFESSIONAL POKER IS DAMN HARD! (that's just reality)

WSOP MAIN EVENT, Day 7 is tomorrow.
57 players left.
I'm low on chips, cause I lost a 2.4 mill QQ vs. AK flip.
Got 1.24 mill... 30/60k.

Don't count me out though. One thing I must stress: all good tournament players are good at playing 10-25 bb stacks. That is pretty much KEY to learning tournaments imo (and I think most pros will agree).

Hope to have a huge day tomorrow, get to day 8, then go for it ALL.

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