Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Taking a little vacation from online poker atm (u see below haha angry + emo person).....

Macau Poker Cup, Main Event (Fri).
***Finish the tournament stronger. Macau Millions, I had 300,000 chips going into Day 2 (I was 3rd in chips or something like that); squandered it with some bad play (mostly OOP spots; fuked up big AK from the blinds, etc). I'm confident I am one of the best players in ANY Macau field. It's just a matter of time and more opportunities. :P

Arrive Las Vegas June 9... then gotta prepare to grind my ass off. Will be at the Rio or Venetian for hrs upon end. Hopefully some good will come of it. :)

Then come back to HK in mid July. Finish out my yr and SNE (missing nearly 2 mos lol but I think I should be ok).

A lot on my mind lately as to future plans. I think I can do poker and other things at the same time. Life's too short to just grind poker and be hooked to the computer 15 hrs a day. There's much more to do/see/experience. And there's more money to be made elsewhere- esp if you start your own venture. Ultimately want to do my own business (use my creative brain and my go-getter energy/passion towards something much bigger). But obv, one thing at a time for right now.

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