Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dirk = Man/BEAST; Lebron = Mental Midget

I'm in Vegas for WSOP. Nice email I got from my Dad this morning haha excuse his bad grammar (but you get the pt).

Steve Shih to me:

This morning I watchd NBA the finals 6th game,Dallas v.s.Miami,the
Germany player Dirk Nowitzki,he played NBA for 13 years,finally, He
got the first championship ring,It's so impressed!

Success is worthed waiting!

Wish to you to play hard and best luck happen to you!"


Yeah, Dirk played out of his mind (new respect for his game; sick 7 ft player with Kobe-like footwork and free-throw line SO MONEY!). Feel so happy for him and other stand-up guys like Jason Terry (who reminds me of Nick Van Exel, one of my former favorite players hahaha love the confidence/swagger they both have), Jason Kidd, Shawn Marion, and Tyson Chandler (who is pretty under-rated in all this too: toughness of the team). Success is definitely worth sacrificing everything for. It's a marathon; not a sprint.

On the other side, Lebron... what a bitch! The way he answered the interview questions after the game was pretty awful (he's not the smoothest with words, or the smartest guy ever for that matter). He is always so defensive and never takes responsbility for anything. He CLEARLY choked in that 4th quarter and was SUPER PASSIVE throughout 4th quarters in the series. No respect for that guy, man. He is gifted athlete and all, but he's mentally/emotionally a MIDGET. Guy has no heart down the stretch. It is the worst characteristic you can have as a pro athlete and as a man in general..... NO HEART! I hope Nike pulls him off their marketing shit hahaha he's so baaad! No one likes him now... NO ONE! Who the hell throws out "maybe 5 or 6 rings?!?!" when they haven't even won ONE?!?!?! Yeah, trying winning ONE first, you cocky dumb shit! It ain't that EZ.

Anycase, enjoyed that game a lot hahaha a lot of life lessons within the game/series, man. When things go rough, don't be a crybaby/bitch (and yes, I too have been whining lately hahaha but I'll try and stop doing that regarding poker). Also, take responsbility because most things are under your control. I like when one of the espn analsyts said: "When the team wins, say it was 'we' effort. When the team loses, say it was because of 'me'." Good mentality; humble.

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  1. Who said that sports is designed merely for entertainment? But too bad greedy owners and players are screwing us all right now!