Friday, May 6, 2011


Exciteddd! haha gonna run all 6 tourneys on Sunday: 1L/1M/1H; 2L/2M/2H (so will be running both the $2100 tourneys). Have four step 6 tix on hand (always started from step 3-$82), which can be used for the two big ones. Perfect plan, saves a lot of money, good job me!

6max tourneys... still to this day I think about WCOOP event #1 (2009), $215 (6max). haha 8500 players, ran it down to last 30 players left (14 hrs running). I was 5th in chips. Then out of nowhere my internet dies and I'm unable to get back on (I was a MBA student at CEIBS, Shanghai at that time; was playing at school). Blinded out for 19th place for $8100. 1st = $247,000; 2nd = $170,000, 3rd = $119,000, etc. Blah! Anytime I think of 6max and big tourney, I think of that one day haha what ifff... what a depressing story, ehhh? hahaha not even a chance to play it out.

I love 6max tournaments. Really requires one to play a lot of flops, use imagination, position, and all skills needed. Gotta be extremely ballsy at all the right times (需要膽子很大!). I know I have the skill sets to do well in this format. Hopefully this Sunday is a good one! 希望贏第一個六個數字的獎. $xxxxxx!!! :)

GL me, fold_em_sho7 and d.quang this Sunday. VAMOooooo~! :D

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