Monday, April 4, 2011

Game Plan

SNE: currently 362k vpp.

Goal for next 30 days:
6k+ vpp/day (roughly 250 games of $104.32 fifty50)
-On days when I am running hot, I will go for 6-8k+.
-On days I am running like crap, anything around 4-6k is ok (no pt to push it hard when everything is going against you)

6k X 30 days = 180k vpp total (630k fpp)
Will be a lot of money in bonus + milestones coming (4k, 4k, etc.)
$15k+ USD! (+whatever I make from those games)

Will reduce my tournaments to 1-2 at a time, while I 20-table the fifty50's. Just going to play the bigger + more meaningful tournaments (Super Tues, WQM, 50r, NHG, etc.).

If I can keep a 6k vpp/day pace for rest of this yr, I can actually get to 2 MILLION VPP (2x Supernova Elite). The reason I thought of this idea is I actually played 6 hrs the other day and got 6k vpp (so 1k vpp/hr). Just have to focus in on my sngs, and play less mtts. And at the end of the yr, I'll have a lot of money in my hands. Not to mention, 2x SNE is a pretty sick accomplishment (not many in the world can say that they've done it). We shall see if I can follow through. Dooo IT! =)

Right hand is seriously sore from clicking my mouse.......... lol

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  1. double SNE...sick dude!!! Im just shooting for 400k vpp' day i'll get there...keep up the awesome grind!!!!