Friday, April 29, 2011

Biz as usual/Life goes on

As most of you guys know, it was quite a shock to see what's going on with Pokerstars/FTP, facing indictment within the US (really ridiculous imo: POKER IS A SKILL GAME, NOT GAMBLING!). At first, I was pretty worried out-of-my-mind, because I had invested so much of my time/energy into Pokerstars SNE (nearly halfway there: 460k vpp now). Immediate reaction: WTFfff! World coming to an end. Is Stars going to close down for good? IS THIS IT? What do I do now with my life w/o poker? I'm not a man w/o options; have worked yrs before as a licensed Investment Advisor (+Berkeley and my CEIBS MBA friends to contact), but w/o poker---> then what? Scary! Tbh, I don't know, maybe look into becoming a trader? There are bunch of interesting reads on poker players, making good traders (Brandon Adams, Bloomberg). If I ever had to find a job, I'd probably pursue that, cause it's interesting at least. Ultimately, I'd still want to do my own thing later though (own biz, etc.). Anycase, a lot going through my head-- just chaos. And feel esp bad to my US professional poker friends caught up in this mess, and forced to move out of the country.

Now, the dust has settled. With the US encompassiing 25% of the players on Pokerstars, tournament player fields have shrunk, along with guarantee prize pools. However, there is a drastic difference in difficulty of these games. Tbh this is a special opportunity to make some $$$. Although, there are obviously still a lot of great players still from all parts of the world, there is no doubt the US players on avg were a little further ahead than most of the world (just based on volume of play and experience). Hope to really kick some ass online immediately (esp with SCOOP coming up). Already have had decent scores in this wk, handful of final tables. Hope to keep it up, maximize on this unique opportunity. 我真的覺得這是特別好的機會. 好好的天天打牌! :)

Still biz as usual. Though before I was seeking to get 2 million VPP pts, basically 2x SNE (only 8 people got it last yr, $230k+ in bonus), now I don't really know what my proper goal should be. Just taking day by day. I still plan to go to WSOP for 3-4 wks, and apparently with US IP address, you cannot play at all at the moment. Obv one can try and use VPN methods, but it's too risky, because if Stars finds out they'll take everything away (which is in writing). So that's incredibly frustrating, taking 3-4 wks off with ZERO ONLINE POKER. I've taken less than 3 days off this whole year so far. Played over 100+hrs a wk, every wk. Taking 3-4 wks off with nothing is just bad, real bad.....

Immediate focus:
-600k vpp before end of May.
-Right now MTTs have the best value.
-Continue to kick ass 6max sngs (3rd on sng leaderboard this wk, $100-300).
-Get organized for SCOOP/WSOP.

Strategic focus:
-Going back to playing a patient-solid game (it's ok to be a nit haha tight is right!)
-Be more capable on post-flop plays (spots I can add in 2nd/3rd barrel to get ppl off a check-call spot).
-Add in more 3-bets pre-flop, in and out of pos (mix it up).

All this hard work will pay off. My right hand/arm/shoulder is sooo tired/sore/stressed from my 100 hr+ work wks, 10-20+ tabling, non-stop action, clicking my mouse away, my brain on OVERDRIVE. Big bonuses and paydays are coming. Can't wait for that $20k-usd bonus for 1 mill VPP. :)

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