Thursday, March 24, 2011

Life/Poker Update

Will be spending a lot of time in HK this YR! My new gf Jessie (yes GF!) took on a new job out here; and being I can live anywhere I want pretty much (SIMPLE: just need internet A-HA!), I will be floating around in HK quite a bit (this should be for about a yr).

Jessie is a pretty awesome girl haha never been happier! She takes really good care of me, we laugh a lot (promise u-- it's healthy!), she's super supportive of my poker career (says she's my "backup", and I really feel it), smart-giving-caring-warm-strong-EVERYTHING..... hard to express in words w/o sounding super full of mush, but it's def perfect timing in my life. =)

Supernova Elite: 319k VPP!
I'm going to do this one way or another. *determined!* Well ahead of pace for 1 mill+. Just a matter of if I can reach my further goal of 1.5 mill VPP = $150k-usd in bonus money (extra $50k for the .5). (Money to buy a house next yr?!?!?! 加油!!!)

SNE is not so bad tbh. I play everyday anyways. What still remains the hardest aspect of my poker life is the NIGHT SHIFT HOURS of living in Asia; the best poker tournaments in the world are 2am-noon+ Asia Time (cause it caters towards US mkt). It's quite brutalllll... have to force myself to keep a balanced life outside of poker (basketball, etc.), so I won't DIE IN MY CHAIR playing online poker. hahaha so sad.

Also, been winning at sngs, holding my own (got #1 actually on pokerstars sng-leaderboard, $100-300 sngs; e-mail posted below). However, still struggling in MTT-land. It's the combination of the night shift + I need to improve (cause MTTs are just TOUGH nowadays, playing with young/fearless kids all day long) + just be more focused/hungry/passionate about each and every day. A lot to think about and reflect on..... MUST IMPROVE is the bottomline! 一定要進步!

PokerStars Support to me
"Hello ynd!,

Congratulations on your performance in last week's Sit & Go Leader Boards. A cash prize of USD 1,200.00 has been credited to your account. This credit can be viewed under the History section on the PokerStars Cashier.

WeeeEEE~! Always feels good to rise up to competition and do well. The $100-300 sngs are damn tough. I looked at battle of the planet stuff and it says fifty50's don't count in the score as well. Thus the only thing I am playing that counts is 6max. Those are damn tough, even at the $119/235 level that I play. Still learning a lot about it. Hope to maintain a greater level of consistency in the game (would be damn proud of myself if I can get better).

Just got SNE on my mind everyday, SCOOP coming up (6 figure+ score pls?!?!), and WSOP (2 months in VEGAS- middle of May-July). Time to make things happen.

Lastly, just started playing some PLO cash (6max) for fun. hahaha we shall see. Just in my down time.

PokerStars Game #59704900905: Omaha Pot Limit ($1/$2 USD) - 2011/03/24 14:26:48 CCT [2011/03/24 2:26:48 ET]
Table 'Deflotte IV' 6-max Seat #6 is the button
Seat 1: ThroXerioN ($234.25 in chips)
Seat 2: house_advntg ($100 in chips)
Seat 3: ynd! ($244.55 in chips)
Seat 6: B0bbyPeru ($200 in chips)
ThroXerioN: posts small blind $1
house_advntg: posts big blind $2
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to ynd! [9d Ks 8c Js]
ynd!: raises $4 to $6
B0bbyPeru: raises $15 to $21
ThroXerioN: folds
house_advntg: folds
ynd!: calls $15
*** FLOP *** [Jd 6c 8h]
my minou1 is connected
ynd!: checks
B0bbyPeru: bets $41
ynd!: raises $125 to $166
B0bbyPeru: raises $13 to $179 and is all-in
ynd!: calls $13
*** TURN *** [Jd 6c 8h] [Jc]
*** RIVER *** [Jd 6c 8h Jc] [Kd]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
ynd!: shows [9d Ks 8c Js] (a full house, Jacks full of Kings)
B0bbyPeru: shows [Ac 3d As Tc] (two pair, Aces and Jacks)
ynd! collected $401 from pot
*** SUMMARY ***

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