Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Profound quote I wanted to share on my blog: "I'd rather live one day as a TIGER, than a lifetime as a WORM." Speaks for itself, right?

What's GOOD?

Got this email recently (prize wee!):
"Dear ynd!,

Thank you so much for entering the PokerStars PCA 2011 Social Media competition.

We’re delighted to tell you that you have won 1st prize for ‘Best PCA 2011 Tourney Blog’. Your PokerStars account has been credited with a Step Ticket worth $2,100."
Pretty awesome to win this contest haha yayyy~! Writing for me is a nice escape/outlet from the online poker tables. I love being able to express myself (and my character/values) through this blog.



Pokerstars is discontinuing "Double or Nothing" sit-and-gos BLAH. At first, I was pretty irritated by this news, as it curtailed my original plans for the year. DON is so easy for me to multi-table (I was running 15-20+ tables at a time, without really even breaking a sweat). 1.5 MILL VPP with DON = EASY $200k USD+. Super easy; not even funny, like I'd have to say it would've been GUARANTEED $200k USD+. I can win at that game w/o cards. It's just a BALLS GAME; no cards needed actually, thus less variance.

What to dooooo next?!?!!!
I'm going to focus on $119/235 (6max sngs). I am starting to get the hang of them. I think I have a better understanding of push/fold (instinctual stuff). Jamming range vs. calling range are obv something any sng player must understand to master the game and beat one's opponents. I think I "GET IT" now (or at least I hope so). So no DON might be a blessing in disguise. 6max will make me a better all around poker player, which I love. I think I am a good all around player in general (I can be profitable not just at DON, but most forms of poker if I study it). It's all the same stuff: position, image, picking spots, patience, guts-- everything all combined to make one dangerous+tough son-of-a-b!tch.

SNE: 217k VPP
A little bit off my own schedule. I'll step it up though. 80 of those $119's = 4k vpp. Running 6+ at a time; shouldn't be too hard I think. Just hope I can win them flips and suck out my fair share hahaha =)

Also, here in Macau at the moment. Finally final-tabled one of these tournaments (which was pissing me off tbh; I know I'm better than most here). I swear I always run like anti-God in that poker room, but for once I got there unscathed. Finished 4th (248 total ppl) in that KO Bounty event (2500 hkd buy-in) for 34k HKD. Lost two key all-ins 4-handed: A5 < QJ (river dia for flush); and QQ < K4 (bvb, sb open jams my bb, I snap and K hits). If my QQ holds, I think I take first place for 100k hkd ($13k usd, which isn't that much, but it's just the feeling of a 1st place win = PRICELESS!). Even though chip leader had 800k of the total 1.2 mill chips, I was pretty confident if we got heads-up, I'd take his ass down... but not lucky enough to get to that pt. boo! Next time, yaaah?!?!!!

All I know is, I'm ready to kick it in gear and start winning some shit. I'm tired of bricking tourneys. I've had a misearable Jan/Feb with MTTs (so many suckouts deep and lost key coin flips). It's time to win NOW! Gotta play with more passion and desire. It's hard sometimes when the tournaments are all 2am-10am (night shift in Asia). Not always the happiest person when everyone else is sleeping. But no excuses, I'm ready to insert my *FOCUS!* into my game and do things the right way. I'm capable of being one of the best when I'm on my "A" game.

Macau Poker Cup- Main Event is in 8 hrs. *fingers crossed!*
Let's go ynd!!!!!!!!

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