Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Supernova Elite OCD

116k vpp
Did 5k vpp today, 7k yest, etc. etc..... VPP ALL DAY EVERYDAY!!!
Pretty addicting once u get goin' (esp for competitive, hard-working, grind-it-out type ppl). This is actually so much fun for me (eat/drink/sleep Pokerstars). I enjoy it quite a bit. LOL sick to say, but I do. I click on my "vip status" every few minutes (真的像神經病一樣- OCD/MANIAC! hahaha). I get 22 vpp per $104 DON game, yet I still click on that shit so damn frequently hahaha mad man I tell you.

I'm trying to go for 1.5 mill vpp this yr (obv 1 mill is the first goal).
That extra .5 mill = $50k+ usd extra, for a total of $150k+ in rakeback BONUS.
***That is a good chunk of money that I really do covet (which does not include my profits from poker, in it of itself-- it's BONUS!). =)

I'm determined to keep this going. There's been a rumor Pokerstars is discontinuing "Double or Nothings" (DON). That would be a pretty big shame, as I'm starting to become one of the best at that game. I was using that mostly as my core game to get to SNE. It's been mentioned that new Fifty50 game will replace it. It's pretty much the same thing though; just you get rewarded for having more chips. It actually favors my game somewhat because I am so aggressive throughout in going after chips. However, it's bad because people will have more incentive to call me lighter hahaha (and too often I am jamming light). Anycase, just taking it day by day, trying to maintain minimum 4k/vpp a day, and push it harder on some days.

When I am playing 20+ tables at a time, I'm still pretty amazed at how the hell I do it (but it's pretty much 2nd nature- like breathing). It's kind of crazy to see HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS/TABLES flying around all over the place on my monitor. When I am maxed out on tables, I can't even take a break to go the bathroom or anything hahaha really sux. Pokerstars owns my life atm... literally!

Really respect those guys that do this yr in and yr out; those guys that go for 2 mill+ vpp's: the spacegravy, azntracker, jorj's of the world. Not just super talented, but so incredibly meticulous and hard-working. Really hope to keep getting better and better at this as well; and reach all my big picture goals.

Building my personal wealth/empire with knowledge/experience that is useless outside of the game. LOL poker! 用撲克牌去賺錢有點好笑吧. =)

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  1. you are fckin insane gg man see you at the finish line even though your prolly going to get there first rofl