Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good Habits! (Defining *FOCUS!* for oneself)

Got this from my good friend, Dustin Lugod!
Really re-affirms what I think is most important to becoming a successful poker player: Work Hard, Work Smart, Discipline.

I only know how to work hard. If you know me well, if it's something that's "meaningful" I'm working towards, I come at it with ALL MY HEART. One mode: 1000% GOOO! Def get that from my Mom. She's pretty resilient person; typical book worm. Study study study National Taiwan University 台大! One of those ax-to-the-grind types.

1 yr of poker under my belt; I'm learning it. Game selection + self-awareness is pretty key. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses; maximizing your strengths and developing your game in the weakness aspects. I'm still getting better at this game. Humbled everyday; still a long way to go before I master it (sadly/realistically- not even close LOL haven't even scratched the surface tbh). Recently, what's gotten me better is just talking a lot of poker to my personal network/support of poker players (Credit to: Ariel Salanga/David Quang/Evan Lamprea/Phong Lam... closest poker friends today). Never stop learning... (even the slightest tidbits help)

Holding oneself accountable. My goals/expectations are big (but realistic). I have to put the ACTION behind it. I want $300k+ USD THIS YR, RIGHT NOW. I know I can do it... just have to eye it every friggin' day; want it more than the next person. Poker is a zero-sum game. In order for someone to gain, someone has to lose. Being the competitive guy that I am, I want to be one of the guys on TOP. Illustration above is simple/poignant and really speaks volumes about mental/physical/emotional discipline required.

It's not easy to make a living from cards; afterall it's just a game (and playing online poker = like playing an arcade game with mostly HYPER-AGGRESSIVE/NO-FRIGGIN-FEAR 18-22 yr olds). Seriously, I think it's like playing STREET FIGHTER, but you PUNCH/KICK/HADOOOKEN with CHIPS/CARDS. It amazes me everyday that I'm still doing this professionally. If all goes well this yr (as planned), I'll be somewhat rich soon (PLS OH PLS!). hahaha SENDDDDD IT!!! =)

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