Friday, December 24, 2010

This is just the Beginning!

-30 days of poker (10-15+ hrs a day)
-Attain 4k milestone bonus (got it! woot!)
-No alcohol (had no social life this month)
-Gym 5-7x a wk

With PCA-Bahamas coming up (Jan 7-16), I decided to spend December in Cali with my Mom. She lives in the city of Azusa (exile/boonies), in this gated community literally next to mountains haha so I already knew it would be a great place for me to *FOCUS!* (cause there's nothing else around to distract me). I work really well under these conditions.

Really proud of my efforts this month. I had a 10k+ upswing in SNGs, which was HUGE (as paved way for what I want to do for next yr). I struggled a little bit in tournaments for few wks, but today was awesome (got 2nd place in the $162-nightly hundred grand-- $14k win). I'm confident I can duplicate these efforts to a even larger scale in future months. =)

Other happenings: my cousin Jenny brought up idea to try the "Master Cleanse", which is a 10-day diet program consisting of nothing but lemonade (only 3 ingredients: {1}lemon, {2}maple syrup-grade B, and {3}cayenne pepper). Yes, 10 days NO FOOD, NO NOTHING, JUST LEMONADE. I'm one of those "what the heck, let's go for it" kind of guys. I'm very disciplined and tough when it comes to these challenges (probably my biggest strength). If I want to do something, I just do it. I don't struggle with mental weakness (and falter to weak/impulsive moments). I finished the diet 12 lbs lighter haha though the weight loss is secondary for this diet. First and foremost, it's meant to be a detox plan and supposed to make you feel more energetic at the end. I vouch for the program; felt great for the most part. Here's the link for more info: Lemonade Diet

2011: MY YEAR!
I have really lofty goals for next yr, however, very realistic if I concentrate and consume myself with poker. Meaning, reduction in social life (not that I had one last year) hahaha but I will be N-times more focused (new level of LONERville; living in my online bubble + last person to know if the world were to end). I am getting better everyday at this card game. I will continue to get better and more consistent.

My goals are three-fold:
100k+ in SNGs
100k+ in rakeback bonuses Supernova Elite!
100k+ in MTTs
-->300k+ (usd) year online!
Live Tournaments??? We shall see if I can score something major. Cashed 4 out of 10 WSOP events this summer. Had a legit shot in couple other live events this year. Hopefully get a little luckier and breakthrough for a fat one.

Actions > Words! (坐而言不如起而行!)

If you want something, go after it with EVERYTHING you got!

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