Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Life, Poker, +things I want!

Playing a lot more b-ball recently (2-3x a wk), working out at the gym pretty often (3-4x a wk), and some AB Ripper X ("I hate it, but I love it!"). Going to get my ass into prime shape. Physical health = mental health. I think it helps the poker game A LOT, in terms of mental stamina and focus. I saw an old picture of mine from just two years ago (below). I could pass for 22-25 yrs old then (at age 28). Now 2 years later near 30, I am looking 30 hahaha sad, so sad! Boo! Poker + sleepless nights has taken the smile off of my ppppp-oker-face. 人老了! 沒辦法!

Poker... (AIYA Poker! haha 有時候我好討厭你!)
I need to play better to say the least; better luck obv would be nice too (though seems like a tall order sometimes: "Dear Pokerstars, please turn off my doomswitch!!! hahaha thanks, your good old friend YND!"). To be honest, I actually wrote that hateful/bitter email to them once asking 100 diff WHYYY's (為什麼?!?!?!), cause I was fuming after a beat hahaha they replied back with a long list of "what is variance blah blah blah" (運氣就是這樣啊); pretty funny if you ask me. Anycase, have had a miserable time of late, but I know I'll be A-ok (that's life!). Typical ups-and-downs crap we have to go through as poker players, right? =T

Reviewed a recent hand history/video of my good friend, David Quang (d.quang on pokerstars.com; aka "Prince Poppycock" hahaha inside joke). He's been running super hot this month (near 50k+ month); pretty happy for him cause he was feeling pretty down not too long ago (similar to how I am feeling now). Learned A LOT just from one tournament and how he played it. One thing I learned most is I need to do a better job of building a monster stack and simply going all out for the win. I think too often I'm in that 10-30 big-blinds stack; staying super patient/solid of course, but hanging on to dear life in reality. I need to be more AGGRO and just pick my opponents apart. When you get up to 100 bb's+, it doesn't matter if you suffered a bad beat for 20 bb's. His style is just open min-raise frequently (jab jab jab) and see a lot of flops for cheap, play more post-flop and stay aggressive throughout. I need to be doing more of that if I want to produce more WINS. Must be open to change and self-aware if you want to improve. Can't just be doing the same things over and over. So big ups to my friend! =)

Things I want...
Recently another of my good friends (Steve Huang) asked me: "Where do you see yourself in 10 years?"... such a loaded question (had me thinking profusely). I guess I'm always thinking about that to some degree- things I want/don't want, short-term/long-term goals, what's my vision for myself+family+friends, what will make me HAPPY at the end of it all. I want/expect A LOT (def more than the avg person). However, what I want is so simple too.

Obv #1: I want career success (and I place that #1 because that's what I do everyday atm; consumed by it). I want to make it as a poker professional. I think when I say "make it", I mean get to a point where I've finally won that LIFE CHANGING SCORE and it's good enough for me to consider doing other things (cause cash is king in this world!). Playing for a living is obv stressful, time-consuming, and often times crappy. I don't want to play poker purely for a living, but rather I want to play for fun/leisure because I do love the game (always have and always will!). The game will be more fun as I have more and more money, less stress to go with it + more freedom, and more travel time to just enjoy life. 10 years from now, I want to have a pile of money in hand: run my own businesses, investments, and just let my money work for me. Use money to make more money = FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Simple as that; that would be ideal.

As I approach 30 years old (Feb 8, 2011), ahhh getting old hahaha I guess I am more and more serious about settling down; finding the right GF (and possibly future wife). I'm a pretty picky guy when it comes to this (because I know my value, what I have to offer-->I'm a good honest hard-working guy and know how to treat a girl). I've had only 3 gfs in my life (and to be honest been with a lot of girls while single, but just didn't carry through because of how picky I am). My reasoning: I'm picky because I know you can only have ONE. My parents were divorced when I was in high school. I don't want that kind of life; broken family, that would be too depressing. To me, a successful family life defines LIFE SUCCESS. I want to find ONE girl that really captures my attention (truly my better half); that I can be 100% loyal/good to; that understands me (and vice-versa) and appreciates all the little/big things (takes nothing for granted); that I just LOVE talking to and being around (female Best Friend). I want to find someone who I can just sit around and do nothing with (just enjoy each other's company)- and still have the time of our lives. =)

Where do I want to live 10 years from now? I can't even answer that for 2 years from now. However, all I know is I want to be close to Family and Friends. If/when I have kids one day, I want to have them grow up with my friend's kids and their cousins. Having great people in our lives ultimately makes us happy. Being in Taiwan, I'm close to my family (I love living with my Sister now, we share an apartment together), but far from my closest/best friends, which sucks (you guys should all be living in Asia duhhh!). I miss my quality Bros A LOT (u know who u are). We are all like-minded/same wave-length and striving for similar things. I want us to all come up and succeed together; be there side by side. 大家一起成功. So location-wise, that's a tricky question hahaha more TBD!

Life, Poker, Things I want... it is truly up to me.
Seize the day + opportunity. 真的需要專心一點!
Time to MAN UP!
快贏點錢大笨蛋! =P

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