Friday, September 24, 2010

Ups and Downs / "Peaks and Valleys"

In anything you do, which is "WORTHWHILE" to pursue, there is a natural ebb and flow of Ups/Downs or Peaks/Valleys. "Nothing good comes easy" so they say. I was at the gym the other day and saw this ridiculously buff guy, had a tattoo on his arm that read "NO PAIN, NO GAIN". That was a nice simple reminder to me, especially in poker: I will absolutely go through what I am going through right now-- a downswing (evil motherf*cker haha blah!)-- but it's just how I handle it and persevere through it. And that goes with all things in life.

Back in August, I had a stupid/retarded idea come to my head (which has lead to my recent woes)... try to chase after Supernova Elite Program ( when I was nowhere near pace (I was at 250k vpp at the time, so I needed 150k vpp/mo. for 5 the last months of the year, to get the 1 million vpp needed for one year). That's a CRAZY amount of poker, if you do it traditional ways. However, I just started playing these $220/$430 hyper turbos (each game literally lasts 2-5 min, so easy pt getter). I was doing really well at the game. I was up +$15k overall in 1-2 weeks + getting a shitload of VPP points (5k vpp/day), so I thought hmmm... maybe I can do this afterall. There were several online regs that did Supernova Elite in 3-5 months through this method. I even had this one session vs. Jorj (one of the top sng players in the world)-- up +$10k in 5 hrs vs. him and others. I was so proud of myself, felt on top of the world, hanging with one of the best. Anycase, kept playing these hyper turbos for nearly a month and went on a SICK SICK DOWNSWING (yeah, down $20k in 4 days FML). If you know this game, it's basically one hand or done, all or nothing. There's absolutely still skill involved, just sucks when you can't win a coin flip and lose/brick everything (60/40 brick, 70/30 brick, brick brick BRICK! AA lose to AQ, 4 clubs on board flush BLAH!). Sorry to my non-poker friends who don't know what the hell this last paragraph is about... to sum it up: I went for Supernova Elite because you get a lot of free poker packages + money back + more money back in future, and I got burned trying to go for it (cause I played a game which was HIGH VARIANCE/LUCK involved)... but I have NO REGRETS!!! Was worth a shot. "You live and you learn." =)

I always tell people this too... that only 5-10% of poker players are PROFITABLE PLAYERS (specifically tournament players, not sure about cash gamers). I think this is more to do with ATTITUDE, not necessarily poker acumen (cause there is definitely less and less gap in terms of poker technique nowadays). I attribute my overall poker success thus far to being extremely thick skinned and never giving up. I only have one mode: "GO!" I know that at the end of the day, after all is said and done, I'll be where I want to be. Just have to focus in, reorganize, and have faith things will be on the up and UP! I'm definitely just getting started and ready to make a *SPLASH!* soon enough.

Funny thing is: during the biggest downswing of my poker career, I feel like I just learned how to play great poker. I'll be ok. I know I will be. I have everything it takes to make it.

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