Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Project with Celina Lin (Pokerstars "Team Pro")

I'm proud to announce I'll be working alongside my good friend Celina Lin on a new online project. I'll be blogging on her website and offering some part-time poker training. I've known Celina for about a year now; first met her back in Oct 2009 Macau Poker Cup. Funny thing is PRIOR to meeting Celina, we actually had played HUNDREDS of sit-and-gos against each other ($104 double or nothings) without knowing who each other was. We only discovered this a week AFTER meeting for the first time when I asked what her pokerstars ID was. hahaha still pretty funny! "You are id4eva?" "You are YND!?" *SHOCK!* LOL good times! I absolutely hated playing against her online hahaha I would raise light (like the little weasel that I am)... she would always REPOP me! It happened A LOT hahaha made me *CRINGE!* every time. Happy to get her on her good side.

I will try to keep my blog posts interesting; not just bore you with poker strategy and FML bad beat stories. I feel like I do have a lot to share with my audience regarding the lifestyle of a professional poker player, my motivations, success + failures, and just general life stuff. I won't just write a blog entry about "I ate beef noodles today and shipped a tournament weee!" hahaha will throw out boring + mundane stuff. One thing I can def share with my audience is how to approach life with all out PASSION + HEART + CONVICTION to go after your dreams. I'm big on "we only live once" and "live life with no regrets". That's something I hope you can take away from reading my blog entries, because I truly do feel ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING in life. 態度真的是最重要!

One thing I want to stress... I'm really humble about the fact I'm pretty new to professional poker and I'm simply "not there yet". I'm trying to get there and make it BIG! I'm still learning so much every single day I play. So anything you read from me, do realize I'm simply an up-and-comer, but I absolutely plan to be one of the few that can MAKE IT in poker.

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