Sunday, July 18, 2010

World Series of Poker (6 weeks in LAS VEGAS!)

Wow, life in Las Vegas for 6 weeks. If I can sum it up in few words: poker, HOT, pool parties, "drink/drank/drunk" (+dehydration), clarity, improvement, and *almost* ahhh. LOL and the phrase "what doesn't kill me makes me stronger" (so true in this case!). It is absolutely impossible to live a "normal life" in Las Vegas-- bad-ass SIN CITY-- where it's happening every single day/night of the week. All work and no play is simply no fun. I'd like to think I am the epitome of WORK HARD / PLAY HARD!

This World Series of Poker 2010 has been like going to "Poker School" for me. As of now, I am a strong and profitable player, but if I want to be an ELITE PLAYER, I have to continue to improve and challenge myself to think more and more outside the box (outside of what I currently know, and be willing to get uncomfortable and do things differently). Complacency kills the mind/heart/spirit.

I played many sessions of 2-5 cash games this trip (sitting $1000 deep); again getting uncomfortable (as I had less than 10 NLHE cash sessions in my life up-to-date). Thanks to that "smartest girl I know" for letting me shadow her and be her intern LOL learned a lot from observing. I did way better though when I played cash on my own w/o her there (cause she wasn't in the pots LOL conflict). I could get more involved, be more imaginative and try things I had never done. Let me say this now: cash absolutely takes more skills than a typical tournament (gives me a headache playing with guys that are in every pot with crap like J-3 suited). The reason why I am learning cash is many of these new deep-stack structured tournaments play like a cash game... more post-flop play (and with that more people looking to play speculative hands to STACK others, and more creative uses of chips in general). So in order for me to be a master of my tournament game, I have to delve into cash and develop a more rounded perspective on poker. It's great training I think, and after more time spent on it... it's not so bad anymore hahaha less headache time.

I played 18 live poker tournaments during this 6 wk time frame, with many 0's at the beginning (yes, frustrating to say the least-- 0/9 bleeding at Venetian deep stack FML), but the end of the trip was bittersweet and encouraging for future prospects. Cashed in the last 4 WSOP events I played, including the Main Event ($21k cash + free $15k Pokerstars Caribbean package woot!). The Main Event is just sickkk-- best poker tournament in the world purely for it's phenomenal structure (30k starting chips, 50-100 blinds to start, 2 hr levels, with many mini levels in between-- SO MUCH PLAY!). It's truly a skill test: patience, guts, and creativity at its finest! I want to come back and be in that top 100 pls... if not deeper pls... FT PLS! =)

What a cool experience it was to get deep in a few events and just feel that adrenaline pumping... that feeling that you are so close! After this trip, I am fully confident my big score is coming VERY SOON! I've finally improved my game to where I deserve it-- I am capable now and equipped with more skills than I had before.

Had my biggest online win during this trip. $215 buy-in (Stars 2nd Chance), 1300 players, 1st place for $42,000. Huge for my confidence of course and instant bankroll builder. Just have to keep doing what I am doing. It's a good habit to make..... CHA CHING!!! =)

Just have to remind myself: "I AM NOT THERE YET! NOT EVEN CLOSE!"

Don't have many pix of this trip (wish I did though, only replaced my broken camera few days ago). Wanted to include funny-ass picture on here (me and Ariel doing P90X "ab ripper x" LOL good times!).

What's Next?
Going to spend 3 wks coming up in Brazil (July 22-Aug 9). Will be some quality traveling time on my own, which is quite liberating-- do some soul searching and exploring. I def look forward to nice Brazilian beaches vs. Las Vegas casinos. That's my main reason for planning this trip is to just get away from the craziness + the LAPT-Florianopolis tournament (Aug 4-9) should be excellent opportunity (300-400 ppl for $250k-ish, a must-go for me).

Can't wait till I'm back home to Taipei though... goodness! I miss home A LOT. I miss my Sister, Dad, my cat "DG Kake!" hahaha my favorite food, TAIWAN LIFE, new apartment, everything.

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