Thursday, July 22, 2010

"My Code"

UPBRINGING: Build an Empire from Scratch (Never given anything!)

OUTLOOK: The best is yet to come. The world will know who I am.

APPROACH: Blood/Sweat/Tears. +Never stop learning/improving.

IDEOLOGY: We only live once. Live life with no regrets.

EXECUTION: 1) WORK HARD (input=output!), 2) WORK SMART (play profitable games), 3) DISCIPLINE (be responsible + detail oriented). Action > Words

ENG GOAL(S): To simply be HAPPY and feel FULFILLED at the end of it all. LOVE: to meet the "girl of my dreams" (someone who truly captures my attention) and have a big happy family; family always comes first. CAREER: financial freedom and independence for my family and friends; live it up together. HEALTH: "Forever Young" Mind/Body/Spirit.

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