Sunday, May 23, 2010

@ APPT - Macau (Day 2 -- futility blah)

Very difficult and frustrating to play short stack for another 5-6 hrs. Was between 15,000-25,000 chips for good part of the day again. Finally got it in good... was 1000-2000 blinds, guy with a lot of chips button-raises 2.5x, I *SNAP* rejam for 18k total with K9 off (just felt that I was ahead FOR SURE; gut instinct), he calls with QJ off... so I was right. Board runs A-3-4---turn J (FML!)- river 9. Win that hand and get to 40k+ chips (20+ bb's) and I think I have a shot to get "in the money" (ITM). Got busted 68th out of 342 players (top 40 players ITM). Though I don't care about ITM (online or live)... goal is to always make best decision that will give me chance to win the tournament. And so I was happy with my snap decision there to go with it (you just want to get it in good), just sucks it didn't HOLD MOTHERF*CKAHHH AHHH!!! haha damnit! Win some, lose some! =T

I got some really good advice from a new friend, Ben, who I played with all of day 1. Being I haven't had that much live tournament experience (this being my 8th buy-in of $2000 or greater), I have to say Ben was the strongest-LAG player I've ever played with. He raised my big blind from the hi-jack position every single time. He was so dangerous with chips... I felt like I couldn't even 3-bet him light... cause he was def capable of a 4-bet move behind (if he smelled weakness in my range). I only 3-bet him few times to fight back, but I had the goods those few times (hoped he'd pull some aggression right back hahaha but he didn't). Anycase, I learned A LOT just by seeing his approach-- which the best way to describe it was "CONSTANT PRESSURE". I want to learn how to play that aggro game. His advice follows:

"I think the most important advice I could give you is to just concentrate on the here and now when your at the table, dont be looking at the pretty waitresses, or the guy yelling at the table behind you. I would say 60% of the reads I get are finite, describable, and physical tells, but the other 40% of tells are more abstract. Like vibes, instincts, or gut feelings. But, at least for me, if I constantly watch each and every player every time the action is to them these instincts become stronger, and more accurate. Even the best pros today don't pay enough attention, but once you make it a point to constantly observe, and never let your attention waver, it becomes easier each time your at the table."

Really profound advice I'll take to heart. Excited to see the felt again. I really love playing live tournaments more than online. It's a whole different game. I love that it is so challenging and I am still learning so much from each experience. I crave for a big live victory. It's #1 on my agenda. =)

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