Thursday, May 20, 2010

@ APPT - Macau (Day 1 Survived -- tough back and forth day)


20,000 starting chips... ended the day at 21,275 (ended at level 7; 300-600 + antes) LOL picked up +1275 chips in 7 hrs of play. Says a lot about the day. Was a really tough table. 3-bets and re-raises left and right; chips flying all over the place. I'd say only 2 out of the 9 players at table were crap; other 7 were solid. So we battled between us all day long. Only 2 people died at our table as well.

The more I play live tournaments... the more I understand how important it is to have an "IMAGINATION"... to use scare cards for instance in your favor, to pretend to have that set on a crappy board (that would only re-raise with a set), to play without cards in certain spots (re-raise with absolute air, air, and MORE AIR!), to fight back 4-bet re-raise vs. a weak 3-bet, to go with your gut instinct-- pull the trigger! I have always been more of a TAG player, but working hard to implement a mix of strong-LAG in my game-- better post flop decisions in general to confuse my opponents (especially since I want to get paid off more on my true TAG range). I think I have what it takes to implement this new style, cause I am not scared to put chips out there. Afterall chips are just chips. I don't think of it ever as money. I am getting more and more numb to that risk.

Got 26 bb's heading into 400-800 + antes level. Healthy enough to make a run. Hopefully get that key double up or two, win a key race. Would be nice. =)

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