Friday, April 2, 2010

"Monster vs. Master" Poker Team

Pretty big move in my young poker career: I will be officially joining the "Monster vs. Master" Poker Team (part of their 代表隊). I'm really happy + blessed with the opportunity; as the company consists of all very likeable/genuine characters (one big family!) and has significant resources beyond myself (many times my own capacity!). I was first introduced to the group by my good friend Terry Fan (pictured below). He's the skilled "MASTER"; I'm the big hideous "MONSTER". Me and him are going to be winning some major sh!t soon! haha best believe it, motherf*ckahz! =)

They had me put together a personal PROFILE of myself for their website. I copy and pasted what I wrote below. It's mostly in Chinese, which took me a long-ass time-- cause my written Chinese really sucks. LOL notice the poor grammar use. My written Chinese is comparable to a 2 yr old LOL must improve this year. Being illiterate sorta sux. I hate being at cash box singing and can only read 30-50% of the words; or reading menus at a restaurant, etc. etc.. Frustrating to be a 白癡. LOL corrective ACTION soon. =)


1. 英文姓名: Kenny Shih

2. 中文姓名: 石駿岡

3. 綽號: 我阿公阿媽從小叫我 "KING KONG" 因為我長的特別大, 常常把東西摔壞. 他們今天還叫我 "KING KONG". 我叫我自己 "Mr. Clutch" 因為我很喜歡有大壓力的時候還能專心-- 成功!!!

4. 學校科系: UC Berkeley, Political Science (政治學)

5. 遊戲ID: Pokerstars (ynd!); Full Tilt Poker (buKKake U)

6. 出生年月日:February 8, 1981

7. 出生地: Taipei, Taiwan (臺北市- 臺灣)

8. 身高:6-1 (185 cm)

9. 體重:190 lbs (85 kg)

10. 血型:B

11. 星座:Aquarius (水瓶座)


1. 關於我: 我是臺灣生的, 三歲到美國, 在美國加州長大的. 我大學畢業以后的工作是在Morgan Stanley做股票經紀人; 幸苦做的四年. 我只有兩年前開始認真的天天打撲克牌. 我是今年一月搬回臺灣.

2. 興趣: 打籃球 (我打籃球比我打撲克牌厲害) , 彈鋼琴 (從六歲開始學) , 打高爾夫球 (以前是 4 Handicap)

3. 喜歡的異性類型: EQ + IQ 聰明, 特別漂亮, 溫柔, 脾氣很好, 很懂事. 我的要求很高.

4. 喜愛的音樂: 愛情歌(周杰倫, 王力宏, etc.)

5. 喜愛的電影: Young & Dangerous (古惑仔), Forrest Gump (阿甘正傳), Shawshank Redemption (肖申克的救贖), My Sassy Girl (我的野蠻女友)

6. 喜愛的書籍: Outliers 異數 (by Malcolm Gladwell), Rich Dad Poor Dad 富爸爸,窮爸爸 (Robert Kiyosaki)

7. 最喜歡的食物: 臺灣菜, 日本料理, 義大利菜

8. 最喜歡的事: 旅行沒去過的地方

9. 最不喜歡的事: Bubbling Final Tables (最酷的感覺!)

10. 最難忘的事: 還沒發生-- 應為我目標很大!!! :)

11. 最喜歡的藝人: Chingmy Yau (邱淑貞)

12. 最欣賞的人: Muhammad Ali (拳王阿里)


13. 最喜愛的名言佳句:

"I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed." (Michael Jordan)

"Champions aren't made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them: A desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have last-minute stamina, they have to be a little faster, they have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill." (Muhammad Ali)

"In order to be a professional gambler, you have to be able to take $1,000 out of you're pocket at any given moment, and light it on fire." (Phil Ivey)

14. 今年預定的目標: 我想今年賺超過 $250,000 美金. 我今年Jan-Mar (Q1)賺 $65,000 美金. 我覺的我可以得到我的2010的目標, 今年繼續加油!!! 而且我想變成網上前一百名的比賽高手.


***Multi-table, No Limit Texas Hold em' Tournaments
***Live Tournaments
***Double or Nothing (Turbo) - Sit and Go's ($52-104)


***$400,000 cashes on
***Largest Cash: $320 Wed Quarter Million on Pokerstars, 3rd place for $31,000 usd prize.
***Year 2010, ranked 99.9% percentile on

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