Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Precise Time Management

365 days in a year X 24 hours = 8760 total hours

I play roughly 90 hours of poker a week.
Mon-Fri I will play 15 hours a day.
Sat-Sun- rest, but play a little (I get bored with just rest).
90 hours X 52 weeks = 4680 total hours (poker for the year)

I sleep roughly 25 hrs (Mon-Fri, 5 hrs a day, probably overestimation sadly), 16 hours (Sat-Sun). So in a week I sleep roughly 41 hours.
41 hours X 52 weeks = 2132 total hours (sleep for the year)

4680 hours (poker) ***53.42%
2132 hours (sleep) ***24.33%
1948 hours (leisure misc: eat, exercise, party, chill) ***22.23%
8760 total hours (year)

Poker and sleep are absolutely fixed constants in my schedule. I WORK VERY HARD(though I love what I do obviously, so it's not that big of a deal-- I just do it!). I CHOOSE to work this hard, not because it is required. I want to be one of the best online poker players in the world (top 100 precisely). If I want to make $250k+ usd a year, I have to bust my ass obviously. Greatness comes from being super active and putting the time in-- sacrifice, pure and simple.

Leisure Time:
I'm making an effort to get back into shape physically. Poker is such a sedentary activity haha that's why you see so many out-of-shape, fat-ass poker players. I don't want to be like that. 1 yr ago, I was pretty damn fit, playing basketball 4-5 days a week and working out all the time. Need to get back into that. When I was 20-26 yrs old, there was a 6 year period I did not get sick ONCE... not even ONCE. Because I was super active, athletic, and always felt great. This last year *GRINDING* poker all nighters and sleepless many many nights, I have tendency to catch cold/flu more often hahaha makes me feel like shiet. No more of that. Health is now a priority. Proud of myself-- hit the weights two days straight and played some b-ball today. Most people don't know, but I am 1000000x better at b-ball than poker hahaha seriously. I want to be 60 years old one day, playing b-ball with my sons... and still kick their ass. Sons will be like: "Dad, you still got that sweet jumper!" hahaha me: "Damn straight, splash in yo' face all day!"

With more exercise, comes partying less haha need to cut down for sure. I want to save more money and use it on activities with "value" (instead of spending it on drinking, spend it on traveling to cool places, right?). And I don't think going clubbing will result in me meeting the kind of girl I want to be with... maybe, maybe not... most likely it won't (cause a lot of these party girls-- they are just a pretty face and have no substance). When I first came to Taipei, I was going out every Wed-Fri-Sat. Don't get me wrong. I like to drink + DANCE + chill with friends. It's good stress relief and generally fun, though the hangovers can be bad (29 year old body is not responding as well LOL). However, I will make conscious effort to do 1 night a week max. Can't not go out at all (100% homebody)... still have looming curiosity as a single male (*on the prowl* haha) and boring to be at home alone on a weekend night, ya know?

Time = Money
Input = Output
Work hard, play hard...


  1. lol...glad to finally see you've come to your senses about meeting the right girl. jk. damn you play a lot...teach me teach me. and yes, take care of your health..or u wont be here long enough to enjoy the money you're making. then again, u can put my name on your will. =P and wow..im 28, ur 29. it's been 10 years since we met. before we were legal to drink...shit. and most definitely, work hard, play hard..

  2. what do you do with the extra day during leap year? please tell me! i'm such a big fan!

  3. hahaha which fred is this? wang or chang? exra day of the year: i sit around at home jacking off, to celebrate my poker wins during the yr. lol =P