Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Chapter: Professional Poker + Life in Taiwan

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." (Confucius)

I can honestly say I've never been happier (I wake up in the morning and play poker hahaha it's absolutely sick!), hence: "Life is DAMN GOOD!". :) And I will only get happier with more tournaments + prizes won = financial freedom and options to whatever the hell I want, whenever the hell I want, with whoever the hell I want. I love being my own boss and making my own rules/standards, and holding myself accountable for my own productivity and results. Regardless, those who know me know how PASSIONATE I am. I work damn hard (cause I expect GREAT things out of myself) and I play from time to time (you gotta have fun in life). haha *wink!* :)

Living in Taiwan is just awesome and makes me super uber happy. *BIG FAT SMILE!* :D

(1) My family is here. Dad is nearby in Taichung (1 hr away); grandparents + aunts/uncles/cousins are subway-distance away. And best of all I get to live in a apartment with my one and only Sister. We haven't lived under the same roof since I left for college in 1999. It's just really nice to spend quality time with her-- before later on when we both have our own families and nest-eggs to worry about. My Sister makes me so damn proud! She's grown up to be a smart, hard-working, mature and responsible adult. I especially love how my Sister analyzes and reflects on things in such a thorough detailed manner. She's no dummie-- she's my Sister! :)

(2) The food here is just kick-ass! hahaha hands-down my favorite! We live right next door to two night markets: Shi Da and Gong Guan. Beef Noodles, Stinky Tofu, all of Taiwan's best treats, etc. etc. all up in da hizzzouse! hahaha if I don't work out + play b-ball regularly, I will be a FAT-ASS for sure. Too much to eat all the time-- always accessible, always delicious, and super cheap! Woot!

(3) Cost of living here is so cheap. Making USD and spending Taiwan NT = beautiful setup! Asia is the optimum place for a online poker pro to setup shop-- no pressure at all with living costs and allows one to ACCUMULATE some serious *CHEESE!*. This is obviously priority #1 this year.

(4) Being a "SINGLE" man, I love meeting beautiful women (Britney Spears-"Womanizer" blasting in the background *boppin' my head!* haha j/k). Being completely objective, I think Taiwanese girls are the best looking Asian girls on the planet. I lived in China for 2 years, been to Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, etc.-- Taiwanese girls own the crown on this one. I'm 29, getting old and I've played my fair share hahaha think I am ready to settle down, find me a nice wifey. More on this presently futile topic later. haha =P

I started this new blog because I was somewhat inspired by a blog I recently read-- from a very cool+smart girl I recently met at Macau Poker Cup this past wk (I think she's quite the bad-ass actually-- was thinking that when she had audacity to steal my big blind LOL). I think it's healthy to jot down thoughts and *VENT!* from time to time; and I really like to write and express myself. :)

This is my year to really bring it! No school holding me back; just myself to worry about. I have to step up to the challenge and start making a name for myself. Nothing is worse than talent unrealized... nothing! I have everything it takes to become a world-class poker player. I am super patient; I am super ballsy; I look at money as chips/units and don't blink an eye when it comes to risk; I can deal with failure after failure in tournaments before scoring one (mainly cause of my stock broker/sales background... mental toughness!); and I am absolutely relentless in going after my goals. I've never wanted something so badly. When I put my mind to something and *FOCUS!*, I usually get it done. So here we go poker world... letting you know now... I am ready to bring it!!!

"DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM??!!" ("你知道我是誰嗎??!!")
Probably not this moment (since I am building from scratch- a nobody haha)... but you will!!! :)

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