Wednesday, March 24, 2010

@ APPT - Manila (Day 3 -- *busto!*)

30th place / 430 entrants ($5200 cash).

Haven't had chance to post since end of APPT. Been back in Taipei for 3-4 days now; just trying to get back into my routine/groove.

Frustrated and disappointed with Manila... had a good shot at some big 6 figure *cheese!* "So close, yet so far" is the adage. Though I know there will be more times ahead. In my heart, I know it'll happen; just have to remain patient/positive and keep after my dreams with everything I got! With everything I got = "blood/sweat/tears!"... sheer tenacity will bring that six figure+ payday to me.

Will forever have nightmares of that hand... my AA vs. QQQ (Q hitting 4th street). haha really just saddd... a big-time bukkake-in-my-eye moment.

The most positive thing to take from Manila the experience: feel like I am getting better each and every time I play (with regards to LIVE TOURNEY play). Gaining valuable experience. "Practice makes perfect" is so true. I need to pay my dues first before I expect to have such huge success, like anything else in life.

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