Tuesday, March 23, 2010

@ APPT - Manila (Day 2 concluded -- in the money and gunning for MORE)


Huge day today, played A+ poker. Started with 70k chips. Made some good moves to get to 90k. Then made a really bad move (33 raised it up vs. couple limpers, then c-bet, etc.) that cost me dearly down to 50k. Then got lucky with KK (vs. AK and QQ... tripled up). Then no turning back from there.

Esp proud of myself last 2 levels (2 hrs). Came into last 2 level with 176k. During the preceding dinner break, told myself I was going to leverage my TAG image and really *PUNISH!* these guys that want to min-cash. The table was playing extremely tight/passive after 2 of the more aggro players got busted. I was going to really really kick it in gear... and I SUCCEEDED. I went from 176k to 342k in 2 hrs WITHOUT SHOWING ONE HAND-- with non-stop raises + reshoves on shorter stacks that tried to steal my shit. nono tsk tsk!!! "Don't put your hand in my cookie jar!!!" LOL MINE!!! =P

52 left, playing down to last 9 people.
I would typically be nervous. But I've played so many online tournaments, I know the drill and process. It's too early to tell obviously. Anything can still happen. I am the most optimistic person one will ever meet hahaha but I am a realist when it comes to tournaments... so all I am hoping for is to give it my 110%; and hope I can really do thisssss.......... FINISH STRONG!!! LET'S GO!!! =)

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