Wednesday, March 17, 2010

$36k WIN, Dual FTs, Sunday ***BAM!!!***

Really proud of myself for digging deep this week. I played over 100+ hours of poker; more than usual and was kind of frustrated actually. Prior to Sunday, I had bubbled 4 Final Tables (everytime a big-time BUKKAKE FACIAL *me pulling my hair out* senddd it!!! lol). Most people would get bitterly discouraged and stop for few days, not meeee... I am RESILIENT as hell!!! =) I take pride in my ability to keep going and stay tough. It's the #1 characteristic that will make me a successful poker player-- my sheer tenacity and how I keep plowing forward. (Just tidbit about myself: I think I attribute this characteristic to when I was 10-15 years old and I was a SUPER FAT OBEAST KID. At age 15, for basketball team purposes, I lost 40 LBS IN 6 WEEKS!!! Went from 44 waist to 32 waist. LOL really changed my life. It really trained me to properly goal-set and execute. From then on, I have the confidence to do anything I set out to do; as long as I put my *FOCUSED!* mind to it.)

$55 tournament, 6638 players, (4 way chop)-- $24,000 WIN!
$55 rebuy+1 add-on (so $155), 703 players, (2nd place)-- $12,583 WIN!
$36k day!!! hahaha LML!!! woot!!! =)

I've been waiting for this kind of day for awhile now. In July 2008, I had won $50k in one single month... then was a big idiot and spent $35,000 on an MBA education at CEIBS (love the people I met, friends for life, but I definitely hurt my poker career and my bankroll); when I should've been brave enough then to just pursue poker 100% with all my heart. It was hands-down the worst decision of my adult life. For 1 year, I was in limbo and struggled-- really paid my dues and learned a lot last yr. Full-time poker is a lot easier (no distractions and school attendance to worry about haha), cause I really come out with a different mindset and *FOCUS!* This is what I should've been doing a long time ago. I've always had the talent and the passion for this. Now it's my time to *SHINE!* SELF-REALIZATION... nothing worse than wasting talent.

Note: Institutions/degrees/licenses/certifications/crappola don't make you, YOU MAKE YOURSELF!!! The very fiber of your being makes who you are and what you do in life. I didn't learn how to make $36k usd in 10 hrs from schooling LOL fuk that! I practiced and practiced and practiced. I've played over 2000+ multi-table tournaments, "10,000+" hours of poker (read the book OUTLIERS), to get to where I am today. I am where I am because I am strong-minded/strong-willed... I work hard and am hungrier then the next guy. =D

A big THANK YOU to all my FAMILY + FRIENDS that railed me; and who rail me pretty much all the time with so much support/love. haha love you guys!! I don't even have to ask you to come and you are already there a lot of times. Def helps me appreciate each moment more, cause there is a huge adrenaline rush when it comes down to 2 tables in a tournament. I'm in another zone.

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