Friday, November 1, 2013

Biz Plan

*VISION*-->Creative idea, unique opportunity, sustainable business long-term.  "What makes you different?!?!" positioning, value proposition.

*PLAN*-->Biz Plan, organizing all the DETAILS (finances/expenditures, resources needed, projections, SWOT analysis- which is "strengths/weaknesses/opps/threats", marketing, etc. etc. ETC.).

*ACTION*-->Blood/Sweat/Tears time!  Time to execute the plan and put in the hrs to see it through.  And ultimately, "Action>Words".

From when I was very young kid (even before high school I think) to now as an adult, I've always believed in these 3 things being super important to making something for yourself (this is completely from my own philosophy, not from any self-help book lol).  Each of them are equally vital to achieving the end goal.  Fail in any of the categories and the venture will likely fail.  Some people are just not risk-takers or creative people to begin with (follower types, passive, risk-averse), so lack general Vision, which takes away chance to do anything at all.  These types of people really limit themselves to what they can achieve-- forced to work for others and be part of the bottom 90% of the world/majority; happy with being "average" or "middle class" (not to knock on these types, but they're just more easily satisfied being ordinary).  I'd say Vision is a strength of mine (though one can always improve in this category by experiencing more, seeing more of the world, opening one's mind).  Some are good at Vision/Action, however, just aren't great at DETAILS and writing things out.  I tend to fall into this category sometimes, as I admit I sometimes don't cover all bases (definitely planning would be my personal weakness, but I'm improving haha like I said, just WRITE IT ALL OUT!).  Some are great at Vision/Planning, but ultimately fail because they aren't working hard enough to follow through on their Vision/Plan and succumb to the bigger pressures (lack mental toughness or go-getter/drive).  U have to prepare to work your ass off for anything worth achieving.  "Nothing good comes easy." = so true!  I'll never have a prob with Action (as I have always worked my ass off), however, executing without making any mistakes is another aspect.

Putting together my first real BIZ PLAN right now-- covering detail for detail.  Have always thought of many biz ideas I wanted to pursue in the past, but more on a broad note (nothing I wanted to really take further, till now).  This is a f&b idea, that I would want to launch first in Taipei; then if successful can branch out some more in TW, and possibly back in CA-USA.

It's something pretty unique and is currently NOT in TW.  I have to do a shit-ton of research and make some trips to uncover more findings.  If I can really get this going, it's a big-time idea that can make LOTS!!

Business / Stocks / Real Estate / Poker (for fun)!!
Time to really build that empire. :)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Transition: Poker "for fun", not "for a living"

Haven't played much poker since the WSOP Main Ev in July (still remember the bitter&painful KK < AK all-in pre-f for 100+ bbs on day 2 blah! haha flop nothing, turn ACE-ball... sigh fml 沒辦法!). Busting the WSOP Main Ev still is one of those worst feelings in poker btw haha nothing like it, maddening. :TTT Pretty much quitting full-time poker in the short-term because: 1)determined to do other things with my life, 2)not that liquid at the moment (got all my money in real estate, $200k+ usd in equity, but don't want to sell it cuz getting pretty decent $14k usd/yr in rental income there). Also, not that liquid because having the worst year of my poker career. Down approx $70k on the yr, but that's not really that bad considering $50k of it is LIVE poker (failures at pca, aussie mill, ept london, wsop, etc.- so three $10k's and a bunch of big side events, all adds up big, and travel expenses of course). And because I don't believe in selling action (personal philosophy/preference) or playing on stakes (have always played on my own money 100%), it puts extra strain/pressure on my bankroll when I am swinging away at $10k's and bricking hahaha might seem nuts, but I think making money for other people is nuts! GO BIG or go home imo! Down small online, which doesn't help because usually can still bank on that to buffer the roll (just ran bad EVERYTHING for half a year stretch, shit happens though- LIFE!). No regrets, blessing in disguise, now just time to *focus* on smarter ways of life and making money.

Been spending my free time "soul-searching", thinking/brain-storming of business ideas I want to do, and lots of misc reading (about online businesses, investing, etc.). Lucky there is a Eslite book store (3 floors of new books) and HK Central Library within 5 min of where we live. Also, the saying goes: "the world is your oyster" (or today's internet is the oyster). Just thinking about how much more time each of us spends online; how much more we're buying/spending. This is all within the last 10-20 years, which is still a more recent phenomenon than not. Still lots of opportunities/MONEY to be made via internet; just have to tap into our CREATIVE energies and think of useful things to sell (or import/export), or even blog/write about.

I want to come back to poker later as a "Business Man" (Boss!) haha with unlimited roll and playing mostly big (high rollers, $10k's, etc.); and all "for fun". Poker for a living is truly truly "LIMITED" (remember that young poker guys!). How many millionaires from poker? How many millionaires from business? Don't have to be the smartest person to make lots of money via business... just comes down to Vision/Plan/Action (all 3 being just as important as the others; fail at any one of these and it all goes to shit!). Working hard on that Vision/Plan part now... don't see "Action" ever ever being a problem with me (I'll always work my ass off!). :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Poker can seriously be so frustrating/humbling. 1) Frustrated I'm running bad so far this yr (but it's normal ebb and flow, up/down). 2) Humble enough to know/admit I have a ton of room for improvement.

Really envious of those players that consistently just OWN it (esp on the live felt). Example: playing with Ole Schemion (wizowizo on stars) at EPT London couple different days was extremely frustrating/humbling. Guy is just crazy good/active and such a thorn; probably one of my least favorite experiences playing poker with someone. You have to go one extra last step almost always with this guy... beat him on the river. He just won't give up; tough as nails. Can see why he's won so much in the last half yr live. Really quite a learning experience for me.

Inner conflict atm haha 200k vpp... keep going or just chill the eff out. Not really happy tbh. I think as long as I am playing poker "for a living" I won't be happy though (though I love the game). I'd rather be like a Dan Shak; play all the big ones for fun.

Have some ideas I want to pursue; just need to do more research/planning. Poker is so limited in how much you can make. Yes, best way to get initial bankroll of say $50k-500k+ usd; beats any J-O-B. But to become a multi-millionaire or even million+, that's pretty damn hard in the game. I reckon there's not many that have $2 mill usd+ in their hands; not many at all. And in the game of business, using business brains/smarts/creativity, possibilities are boundless and $2 mill+ ain't shit. Sooo there u go... me keeping it real. Why grind so hard and be up all friggin night from early AM to noon+ everyday and not be happy and not get PAID HUGE for being smart/creative/gutsy. Fck man... I want more haha *sigh!*...

Still def consider myself one of the lucky ones in the game; seriously blessed with what I have been able to make/save. However, as highlighted above, I'm close to figuring things out for myself on a higher level... maximize my life talents... poker isn't everything. Even if I go on a upswing, I have to remember this I think for my own good.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Haven't written in here in forever...
Been keeping to myself more of late (If u know me, some ppl think I am extroverted, but I am def more of a introvert, even recluse haha but I'm easy to get along with, so ppl think I am on the extroverted side). Writing this blog more for myself anyhoo. No need to promote/market myself publicly.

I am who I am. 32, trying to "make it" in poker, close to getting married this summer + start own family, thinking about alternative ways to smooth out my life (which is too often uppppp/dowwwwwn, and not conducive for a smooth family life). Alternative ways = owning investment properties and flipping them; currently a Landlord now haha hopefully get more things going. Poker is everything right now in my daily life, but I really don't want it to be (in 2-3 yrs time, rather just play for fun) haha it's important I make it everything right now in order to SURVIVE. Only the hard-working, smart-thinking, constantly-improving SURVIVE the game. Zero-sum game: in order for me to win, someone has to lose. Less than 5% really make it. I've done it so far in these yrs, and want to really "MAKE IT" now, nail one for a million plz! :)

Nothing positive to report. Having a not-so-good year so far playing LIVE tournaments (PCA, Aussie Mill, and EPT London just busted yest). At least I won some online satellites and got in cheap (and will continue that strategy moving fwd). As I've significantly improved my game online, which takes more aggression (more 3-bets/4-bets in and oop), the more I've struggled to balance that in the LIVE game. Maybe I'm just being too hard on myself, because it is a small sample size and that's just normal variance for ya. Regardless, it's extremely humbling and frustrating to say the least.

I know I'm good enough to play on the circuit; just need more experience. I need to get in more of a comfort zone on the live felt and gain some confidence. Combination of running bad and playing sub-par (for my own standards at least). However, I am still optimistic there are bigger/better days ahead. Just a matter of persistence, just have to keep trying, chase the dream. :)

Online, going for SNE this yr. At 182k vpp at the moment. Last yr did about 550k vpp (with just mtts and steps). So just trying to fill in the other 450k vpp with 6max hyper turbos and focus on satellites to EPT events. Still learning the hyper turbo game. That too, can be extremely frustrating. Swings are crazy, it's hot or cold lol and mostly regs. Just gonna keep at it, see where it takes me.

Poker is only getting harder. I see it at events such as this EPT London. So many legends/regs and more and more competent players. Even the worst players have gotten better; only matter of time. Certainly there are still some real bad players, who completely lack any common sense. "Common sense is not so common" is my own lingo/phrase hahahaa for some at least. Some people will always suck. But the avg certainly is way better than yr s before.

Example of lack of common sense, hand from EPT London Day 1 between two ppl (one reg, one fish). Fish opens utg to 400 at 75/150... utg+3 pro makes it 1000, utg calls. Flop KQ3, utg fish leads for 1500, pro calls. Turn is brick 8, fish leads for 3500, pro calls. Riv K (so K/Q/3/8/K), fish checks, pro checks. Fish has A2 suited, pro has AA. This is just stupid by the Fish. lol why would u play your hand like this?!?! Just fold pre-flop for one. When you open utg (pre-ante), and someone 3bets you, usually it's strong. You're already showing strength, and guy shows even MORE strength by re-raising you (he's in early position too, both are). If you really had KK/QQ/AK, you would not lead for 1500 and 3500, you would likely check to the raiser and let him bet. Why try to scare the raiser off with a bet, if you really had KK/QQ?!?! (no need to really protect lead, you have monster) AK is afraid of KK/QQ, so leading out would be dumb from that aspect too. Fish just thinks nonsensical, I need to bet and try to win, not thinking about the dynamics of the hand and the pro's range. The pro's hand is super face up, could read his face when he called flop and turn. Certainly he could only call because it was still possibility KK/QQ. River was bad for pro obv, so he had to showdown w/o betting. Anycase, this hand really stood out to me and made me laugh hahahaa "Common sense is not so common." Wish the whole world was this bad at poker. Def not as many fishy players these days like this lol :D

***And wow, just noticed I had 3,606 page views last month on this blog hahahaa and I haven't written in here since Nov of last yr. Will try and do a better job of updating and have more interesting posts. I do have a lot of things I want to share about myself, daily life, poker goals, non-poker goals, and my passions.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Pocketfives Top 100! haha feels awesome to be in the top 100 for first time. Feel like I have in fact improved a lot this past yr... understand way more things, trying more aggressive stances/lines of action, playing a higher volume of mtts, and "get it". Still far from perfect.

The man at the top "Cal42688" Calvin Anderson is someone I highly admire as a poker player... hope I can come close to being as good as him one day. haha he's coming to Macau this wk for ACOP, so I hope I can pick his brain. And I hope he doesn't knock me out of the tournament, like he did at EPT Campione (we had dinner together; 1 hr later he knocks me out hahahaaa). Him and Spacegravy are probably the only two people I'll stalk online to learn from (Calvin being the MTT beast/Spacegravy sngs).

ACOP Warmup today, Main Event next wk. Came close couple times this wk in side events with a 11th and a 17th. Played near flawless those two tourneys; just how it goes sometimes. U gotta run so good to win it haha plan to win one plz. :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Poker CLASS details

I will start teaching some classes part-time, when I am back in Taipei (will be in Taichung sometimes too). I plan to go back Oct 19-24 approx this month.

COST: 6000 NT for a session (Cash or PS funds $200)

DURATION: 3-5 hrs+, however long you want to stay. I usually start playing around midnight 12am (play till noon; you're welcome to stay as long as you want). You can join me in the morning at 9am as well if you are not used to the late night schedule.

LOCATION: 24 hr internet cafe (to be determined, flexible)

CONTENT: Really depends on your skill level. I have to understand you as a player; whether you or beginner or intermediate. By shadowing my poker tables, you will have a much more advanced understanding of how a pro player thinks. It's just about understanding every type situation/"spots" and players. One must learn how to play technically sound, then work on fine-tuning instincts and building an edge over the regular players.

GAME SELECTION: I mostly play MTTs, but I can teach you SNGS (6max, 9max, 18man, 180man, steps) and hyper turbos, and some cash. I'm an all around NLHE player.

I don't sell myself as one of the best players in the world. I'm really humble about the fact there are tons and tons of players I'm striving to catch up to. Though I've improved A TON these last 1-2 yrs and have had some success, I'm just like you--> trying to learn and get better; "student of the game". With my help, one thing is for sure: I can help you filter out some of the mistakes/leaks I was making (which took me 10,000+ hrs of time and yrs to learn/fight through). I can inspire you to adopt some of the things I do and you can challenge yourself to play with your own style with a more rounded viewpoint.

I don't care to have 4132748923 students (will be teaching 1-2 people per session). I'd rather have less students and focus my time on each individual. 6000 NT might seem a lot to some. I just hope you find improvement in your game at the end of it and believe I have provided VALUE to you. I DO NOT WANT TO RIP YOU OFF OR CHEAT YOU OUT OF MONEY. I SINCERELY WANT TO SEE YOU IMPROVE AS A POKER PLAYER AND WILL SINK ALL MY ENERGY INTO YOU... THAT I CAN PROMISE YOU.

If you are interested, below is my contact information:
or Facebook find me

Shoot me email first though, give me idea of your skill level/background, and what your schedule looks like. We can communicate easiest that way.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Online Upswing

Been doing really well online the last 2 mos. Up profit near $140k since I came back from Vegas (mainly $80k Sun Mill, $35k big $162, few other 5 figure ones). Reason for the success: just working my ass off really; completely FOCUSED. Playing 50 Mtts a day (which is stressful, cuz I'm usually buying in for $2k-4k a day, which takes a lot just to break even+). I have to FT just to break even; and FT two or one big one to be profit on a day. LOL Getting hang of it though; improved my game a ton obv.

Last yr was a waste of a yr for me online. I played 89382039803 hrs and broke even WITH SNE lol basically got $110k worth of bonus and lost $110k about (cuz sngs got in the way of my mtt play, and I just couldn't juggle the two). My graph is ugly from last yr; seems like I lost $110k last yr (but again, I got $110k in rb, so was not that bad). With RB and everything in total, up $300k+ lifetime on Pokerstars. Just frustrating last yr... but def happy I'm on the right path in regards to my schedule and maximizing my skill sets as a poker player.

Last 120 days on "42 of 934,847"
Year 2012: "134 of 1,474,344"

There's a possibility I might be teaching some one-on-one classes in Taipei soon (will mostly be at internet cafes). I don't want to have too many students, just a handful. More details to come (how much it'll cost, when, what I'll teach, etc). Pretty confident I can teach you everything I know in a efficient/calculating manner. Poker is not rocket science. It's just using good common sense and LOGIC. 有興趣的話在通知我。:)

還有WCOOP 加油! 這個月還有很多大比賽。 希望贏一個$100k+美元的成績。